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Agent Group LED not lighting up


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Im running ver 5.0.10.


On http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Extension_Button_List under the "Agent login/logout:" section it states, "Once this button has been configured, the LED will light when the agent is logged in."


I am having both issues with this. I have two phones that will not illuminate the LED upon login, and I have two phones that will not turn off the LED upon logout.


These are all snom phones that have been PnP'd to the system (Bind to MAC).


I think I remember something about the NOTIFY request for MWI. Is it the same for this Q status led? A pcap shows no sip NOTIFY requests, but I do see a CLASSIC-STUN (protocol) Binding request coming from the phone, nothing back from the server to these requests. At least not with the same protocol.


One interesting note. Button 3 is configured for the agent login/log out. When you press this button, it dials the starcode and tells you that "you are now logged in". During this process, the LED for button 4 lights up. Once the message finishes playing, the LED turns off. Same for log out. When the message is playing, button 4's LED is lit, once the message has finished the LED turns off.


The star code's are the same for agent login, log out per snom (*64)


Any suggestions on fixing this button/led issue.

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