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Can't play wav files from the web UI


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I'm opening a domain, then I click through these links: Agent Groups -> the first agent group -> Caller Setup. At this point I'm at the page titled "Caller handling for ACD nnn (Users)" and I also get this log entry:


[6] Dictionary: Item dom_acd6.htm percent not found


Then under "Upload Messages" I'm clicking to play one of the wav files but instead of hearing the audio the player dissapears and I get these log entries:

[5] Alert(2, 20)
[8] Received closure alert
[9] [f0f79be4] send_alert(0100)


Any ideas of what went wrong?




Software-Version: 5.2.4 (CentOS32) Build Date: Aug 22 2014 06:11:46



P.P.S. I've not customized the dom_acd6.htm page. If I go to customization of this page here are the lines with the word percent in them:


<select id="muting" name="muting" class="cCombo">
<option value="" selected="{ssi sel muting }">{lng $default}</option> <!-- 12.5 % -->
<option value="0" selected="{ssi sel muting 0}">{lng $dom_acd.htm#full_mute}</option>
<option value="10" selected="{ssi sel muting 10}">{lng $dom_acd.htm#mute_to} 10 {lng percent}</option>
<option value="20" selected="{ssi sel muting 20}">{lng $dom_acd.htm#mute_to} 20 {lng percent}</option>
<option value="50" selected="{ssi sel muting 50}">{lng $dom_acd.htm#mute_to} 50 {lng percent}</option>
<option value="100" selected="{ssi sel muting 100}">{lng $dom_acd.htm#no_mute}</option>

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This might help:

When connecting with https there is apparently an SSL error: ssl_error_bad_mac_read

If we connect with http instead of https everything works as it should.

Note also that when we connect via https we have not installed any certificate we just tell our browsers to continue to the PBX web UI no matter the certificate issues.

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