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Exclude domain from a Loopback


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Some interesting issue.


We've got some important clients who'd like to call different domains (company branches) without any prefixes to add (this is mandatory) and be able to return call.


The issue is that it is not possible to specify loopback lookup order or include / exclude domains.


One customer used a lot of overlapping numbers and unfortunately PBX is looking up for a number at this domain before others.


How to workaround this situation?


Ideally, some "local group" functionality should be implemented - i.e. domains added to a group are only included in a loopback. Something like VRF instance on a router.


Other option is to be able to specify destination domain in a dialplan, it will also work fine.


Configurable lookup order is also a solution (but not the best)

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Some workaround I found:


1) create a "inter-domain" trunk with GW address, set SIP Caller-ID Presentation as a P-Asserted.


2) rewrite number in a dialplan with a correct destination domain, i.e. : "90;Inter-Domain;;7xxx;"sip:\1@rdata.com;user=phone";;false"


Loopback (even with rewritten destination) doesn't work, but "dummy" trunk works.

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