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Agent Group Report Enhancement Request

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We like that there are some basic Agent Group Reports that we can get via email now, but they really don't contain all of the information we'd like to see on the reports.


Here's some additional information that we would like to have:

General Queue Report:

1. Total number of calls that came into the queue

2. Total number of calls that were put on hold because no agents were immediately available

3. Average time spend on hold in the queue

4. Average hold time before the caller hung up (to go along with the current "Hangup while waiting" status)

5. Average time spent on the phone with an agent (which could be calculated from the other stats in the report currently)


Agent reports:

1. Amount of time agent was logged into the queue in the past 24 hours (minus the time they were on DND if possible).

The current Availability is kind of worthless since it gives you only a snapshot around midnight, when none of our agents are logged in (or at least they should have logged out). The same is true of the DND, which isn't helpful since it is a current snapshot.

2. The number of calls that the agent didn't answer and were esclated / redirected (or inversely, the number of times the call originally rang the agents phone), so we can determine if some agents aren't answering the calls that come in (and that get escalated / redirected to others).

3. Amount of time the agent was busy (i.e., on the phone not answering the current call queue messages) when they were logged into the group so that, along with #1 and the time they spent answering phone calls from the group, we can determine how "productive" the agent is.

4. The average time spent per call per agent would be nice (even though it can be calculated from the current stats given)


Any possibility to getting some of these statistics on the reports? The Agent #1 and #2 are probably the most important for us, but all of them would be nice to have.

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