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Moving Domains


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This may or may not be related to just the Linux version of PBXnSIP. I am in the process of trying to migrate customers from one server to another. The server that I am removing customers from is version (Win32). The server that I am moving customers to is version (Linux).


The issue is this:


Create the tar file on the production 2.1.6(Windows) server

Number of users in the domain = 5

Create the domain on the production 2.1.10(Linux) server using the tar file created on 2.1.6

Number of users in the domain = 3


Use the same tar file (from 2.1.6 Windows) to create a domain on a pre-production server running the same version as the Linux production server (2.1.10 Linux)

Number of users in the domain = 5


I have done this repeatedly with the same result. Can anyone suggest what might be the issue? The Linux servers are basically the same. Directory file permissions are the same, directory structure is the same, individual file permissions and ownership is the same.


This is a critical issue for us in the fact that I need to migrate these customers off of the existing server and onto the new server.

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