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Changing password request everytime after ssh login

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bought a Snomone Mini on ebay, to use as a reserve pbx. It has software Zeta Perseids v.
When I log in by ssh under Mac OS Terminal, it says:

You are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)
Linux snomonemini #4 PREEMPT Thu Dec 8 03:18:43 EST 2011 armv5stel

I change the password, but everytime I log in it requires again…….
Can I eliminate this inconvenience ? it is very annoying, and the risk is to lost password….

This did not happens on my old Snom mini… the only difference is that the old one has Epsilon Geminids..



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I am not sure, but assume that the V4.5 write a timestamp "0" into the password file, which is triggers that prompt in Linux. IMHO if you change the admin password from the web interface, you will have to change it also on SSH later, to a different one. Then it should not prompt for it any more.

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