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  1. These are the multi tenant client settings, they are essentially a front end to the stripe settings for this client. The auto refill setting is used for prepaid termination cost (like a calling card), so that the client keeps a certain amount for calls in the account.
  2. The line hpr: {if clip true}id{fi clip true} tell the trunk to use the header Privacy: id when CLIP is on - do you see that header when making a call in the INVITE?
  3. Vodia PBX

    Spam Scoring

    Okay the address book checks will be in the next version. A quick search for the TrueCNAM API did not come up with anything. Also the question is what the best feedback mechanism is - we have a code for blacklisting the last number that we could use; we would also have to add a code for whitelisting a number.
  4. Well... customer is always right! You can try to open a ticket with Cisco to do it the same way, but it might be easier to sell him some more snom phones instead.
  5. I would not change the template for something like this. We have set this up in a way that works, and there is usually no reason to change it unless you want to experiment. Maybe you can try to explain what you actually want to achieve. BTW the new Yealink template includes a "general" parameter where you can add content to the template without having to change the template itself. This has the advantage that if there is a new PBX version available you will not miss those updates.
  6. Shared lines is a concept that is difficult to achieve with SIP. There was recently a RFC published about it (RFC 7463, it was actually in 2015); however we are not aware that Cisco or any other vendor actually implemented that. The reason why this is difficult in SIP is simply because there are no shared lines, actually no lines at all in SIP and SIP works entirely different than proprietary PBX systems. Most users are fine using park orbits (non-exclusive hold), it solves their problem.
  7. Hmm what pattern are you using? This is really strange.
  8. The Yealink ignore those settings when there is a outbound proxy set. We always use outbound proxy. BTW there is a new template available in the 62.1 version.
  9. What is being sent on the trunk in the initial INVITE? Blocking caller-ID is usually done by sending the Privacy header. What trunk provider are you using?
  10. The easiest way to get this done is to use a park orbit.
  11. Does the DTMF navigation in the mailbox work fine? Then we can exclude problems with the DTMF.
  12. That sounds like a problem with DTMF detection. E.g. does DTMF work when you call into a mailbox? If yes, what pattern are you using in the IVR node?
  13. Vodia PBX

    Spam Scoring

    In principle it would make sense to feed that information back to the SPAM score provider - they will need to update the database on this. Right now the PBX completely relies on that scoring, no matter what is in the address book. It might make sense to look the address book up as well (which is just a quick internal operation), I don't see a reason why a local address book listing should have a lower priority that the lookup from an external score provider.
  14. We have Flowroute on the drop-down list when you create the trunk - hopefully that should work out of the box. You can open tickets at vodia.zendesk.com, which makes sense if you want to share passwords (temporarily) with us. Passwords are recently a pain, because the browser is very aggressive in filling out forms. Make sure to enter the password again in the trunk settings, just to make sure that the autofill has not overwritten the password that you have previously entered. We are addressing this issue in the next versions.
  15. There is some documentation now at https://doc.vodia.com/hubspot_crm
  16. For buttons it really makes sense to move on to 62, maybe 62.1 if you want to convert your button profiles automatically. Especially for the Polycoms where we have changed the template, so that the button layout works properly.
  17. There was a problem on some older versions - however in the 62 version that should be solved?
  18. Sounds like some timeout is too short. Are you able to call a call phone of a user from an extension e.g. using the *00<ext> star code and does that connect fine?
  19. The HubSpot API integration of Vodia would not go to https://api.hubspot.com it would go to something like https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/contact/ and provide the API key. If you are trying to use this with an ActionURL this will be difficult/impossible because this cannot be done with just a single HTTP request. If you really want to code this yourself, there is a lot of information on HubSpot on how to write the integration, e.g. https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/overview
  20. As far as I can tell the basic Hubspot account can do the integration. You don't need to use the ActionURL in the PBX - it is all done for you. What it does is after a call look up the phone number, and add a log entry for the contact about the call. If the number does not exist, it creates a new contact and then adds the log (optional). A problem with Hubspot is phone numbers are used just as strings, on other words 212-123-1234 is different that (212) 123 1234 or +12121231234. So if Hubspot users manually enter phone numbers in their own format, they cannot be found through the API. The other thing is that there is a log entry for calls, but there is no way to indicate the direction of the call (which is kinda important IMHO), this is probably because Hubspot assumes only outbound calling. We tried to raise the issue with Hubspot, but we were not able to get an answer.
  21. You can generate the test invoice in the admin edit domain view (where you would set limits on how many account that domain can have). There you can also assign what plan to use. There is still the issue that the PBX needs at least a day of history to calculate use data. However fixed cost will be billed immediately. Also if you make a few calls, the cost for those calls will also show up on the invoice.
  22. If the snom works fine that means that the LAN setup is not the problem. Cisco SPA 508G is currently not on our list for LAN provisioning. So if you see the Grandstream in the list that means is has discovered it - if it has the default username and password then the PBX would try to reach out to its webserver and set everything up for you. Grandstream has a large variety of devices and firmware versions; what could have happened is that something has changed in the web server.
  23. Well that is good news - however it should show up. Apart from being in the same LAN, the phones should be factory reset (have the default username and password). And the MAC should not be in the PBX listed yet, so that it can recognize it as a fresh want-to-be-provisioned phone.
  24. No you don't need a third party. The PBX talks directly to the hubspot API. Too bad hubspot did not list us yet - we see them practically every day on the commuter rail LoL.
  25. You have to put this into the dom_crm.htm page:
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