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  1. You can use e.g. truecnam.com to tell the PBX what numbers are suspected SPAM and which ones are not (in reg_recording.htm). First you need to get an account with them.
  2. It seems that you have a license with the Fax-to-mail feature enabled. Do you hear the FAX CNG tone when you call the mailbox? The gateway that you are using must support the T.38 protocol. If that all does not help, please generate a PCAP for this extension and open a trouble ticket.
  3. So you want to white-list an address that was blacklisted?
  4. Ehhh 63.0.4 is not out yet... what OS are you on? If you can give us HTTP(S) access to your server we can handle that for you - for that just open a ticket with the description (or a link to this topic) and login credentials.
  5. The next version will be 63.0.4 - hopefully tomorrow. The topic with the certificates is a little bit longer (maybe worth another discussion thread). In a nutshell - if you are on public IP turn the ACME certificate generation on ("letsencrypt") and the PBX will generate a valid certificate for you. Otherwise the phone has to turn the certificate validation off.
  6. Chiming in... The call log timezone depends on the browser - the PBX sends it in GMT and then the browsers job is to show this in the local time zone. It is actually easy and browsers are good in calculating the local time.
  7. So maybe your problem is not so much the PBX itself - it might be the VoIP phone. You can check if the PBX has the time right by leaving a dummy mailbox message and then listen to it - maybe pressing "4" to hear the time when it was received. If that time is correct, the PBX itself has the time correct. If the time on the VoIP phone is incorrect, then this might be a problem with the timezone for that specific vendor and model. Unfortunately there is absolutely no standard for the different VoIP phones and we are trying to keep up. If the the VoIP phone gets it wrong let us know what model and vendor you are using and we'll take a look if it can be corrected.
  8. Every VoIP phone has to make a decision weather a configuration change requires a reboot. Most of them "whitelist" some settings that don't require it, and for everything else (keep in mind the are millions of settings LoL) it will be careful and perform a reboot cycle. I guess the name is not on that whitelist.
  9. Well - did you try "Atlantic Time Zone (No DST)" and did it solve the problem?
  10. Whops looks like that went under - next version will have that fixed again.
  11. I think "Atlantic Time Zone (No DST)" should be your time zone. There is no daylight savings in Puerto Rico right?
  12. I would just whitelist the pbxctrl.exe with the Windows firewall. Then you don't have to list each separate port. While you are on it, I would delete the FTP port (unless you want to use Polycom phones in the LAN) and possible also delete the TFTP port unless you want to use option 66 in the LAN.
  13. We'll include the update of the name in 63.0.4 - no need to switch phones. Send a private message if you want to get a preview build.
  14. The Yealinks work differently there - for many Grandstream models the "private" line buttons are sort of hard coded while they are just regular buttons on the Yealinks.
  15. No those screens are not the point - the PBX provisions the "Programmable Keys". I have just checked here a GXP 1628 where the display comes from the "Account Name", which does not change with the hot desking. Looks like it would be worth changing that as well with the hot desking, there should be no negative side effect with other devices.
  16. Yes no problem the PBX is a great soft switch . From the 3CX system is just like any other VoIP extension - it has to register and it has to answer challenges for outbound calls. In the log above the "Received incoming call without trunk information and user has not been found" is the problem. It is okay that the trunk was not found (this is not a trunk from the PBX point of view) but the user must be found. Try to use a name like "trunk123" in the account name, then this should be working with no problems. There is no need to terminate calls for remote systems - for the PBX this is a simple call from an extension to a trunk.
  17. Hmm - you did not set a label for the private line? What do you see on the Grandstream display? The PBX uses the "label" to control what you see on the screen, hopefully the Grandstream show the label content and not some Grandstream - controlled content. There are so many models it gets sometimes hard to have them all work the same way...
  18. Did you automatically provision the phone? Then the LDAP settings should be set up for you and everything should be working already. (Like this does for the Yealink)
  19. If you register as extension, the "From" header has to use the exact account number. The PBX does not perform any re-formatting of numbers - if you enter 6173998147 for example, it will reformat it internally as +16173998147. So you should try to use that +-number or just use a number like 435s2w38 which cannot be misinterpreted as DID.
  20. You can see the version number on the status web page - make sure it is 63.0.3. If the display does not update immediately, does it update after you restart the device?
  21. Interesting - the phone should not freeze... IMHO you should also inform Grandstream about this, with a PCAP for the LDAP port. At first glance the LDAP should work fine, it does work fine with a lot of other phone models...
  22. It is done - IOP is still missing we'll have to do that on Monday but all other OS are there
  23. Your dialplan can be just like this: 1;Twilio;;*; Just a single line that matches anything (which is the default dial plan) Is the SIP trunk registered? Without successful registration there will be no inbound call.
  24. I do trust in /proc/xxx/fd. There must be some kind of operation that is causing this - e.g. some problem with a FAX or some problem with streaming MoH that is causing this. Other services do not seem to have this problem. Is there any clue in this direction? Do you have "expired" files in the working directors? The ports seem to be on RTP ports, so this must be something media related.
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