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  1. Hi, Tried the installer on for OS X found on https://vodia.com/documentation/install_mac and it gives an unsupported OS version. Choosing continue regardless and the install exits with a fail without installing anything. Please advise. Tanks Nathan
  2. Actually, let me ask this in another way: HQ PBX has the network with the snomONE being the and public IP Branch A has the and it's phones connect back to HQ's PBX at via the VPN. It this the correct IP Routing List entry? THANKS! Nathan
  3. Thanks. Sorry, missed the "1" when I did the copy/paste. I got the parts of the private/public IPs all right. Did not get what you mentioned about the alias? can you explain that part a little more? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Here is our issue. Hopefully someone has some ideas as we are stuck right now: 1) Two main offices each with their own snomONE (4.5) and a bunch of remote offices connected via ipsec VPN and a bunch of floating sip phones connecting via public internet to either of the main PBXs 2) All calls between offices and phones work perfectly and have been like that for the last 5 years or so until we recently had to switch phone providers and had to create a new SIP trunk instead of the old analog trunk we were using. 3) For the SIP trunk to work, we have tried every single setting and configuration we can think of. The only way we manage to make sound travel in both directions (the PBXs are being a Meraki firewall with the correct ports opened and NAT) is to add to the snomONEs a IP Routing List entry like With this entry, the new SIP trunk work perfectly BUT we loose connectivity of the remote phones. Moreover, the calls between extensions between the main offices only last less than 2 minutes before the call gets dropped. Any ideas? Thanks all for the help Nathan
  5. Hi, We have two geographically distant, offices both running the same setup: 1- same firewall and same configuration 2- A site-to-site VPN with no restrictions in any direction 3- A PBX running at each location on a windows 2008 server We created a trunk at each end as a SIP Gateway, each with the far ends internal IP (via the VPN) as their proxy address and have a dial plan sending all calls to each office according to their extension numbering (7xxx and 8xxx respectively) The issue we have is the following: 1) When office A calls an extension on office B, we get the call through perfectly with good audio and all, but the call is always dropped at around the 2 minute mark. 2) When office B calls an extension of office A, the call goes through and can last hours without any issues. These happens no matter what extension call or what extension is called. Any ideas? Firewall is not an issue (identical equipment and configuration on both ends) VPN is clean and identical both ends (using Meraki MX90 appliances to do a site-to-site VPN) all configuration of the PBX is almos identical, expect the extension numbering and local trunks. Thanks! Nathan
  6. We currently have and administer a bunch of snomONE 4.5 installations. If we can help somehow, please let us know. We would be happy to help/point you in the right direction. Nathan
  7. Hi, Had the same issue on a snomone 4.5 installed on a windows server. NO problems with the time NTP server but somehow the CDRs froze. Did the above and all seems working again.
  8. We have fixed this by taking away the Ip Routing entry we had on one of the sides. On it we had the internal/external IPs for our remote phones. At least we fixed the interoffice trunk dialing but now we broke the outside phone lines
  9. Hi, the Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic is empty right now. Should these set to the private IP of the far end someone? Thanks Nathan
  10. HI, We have a mystery between two snomone boxes that have been working for almost 2 years. Recently due to security issues we had to switch the inter-office trunk to run across a ipSEC VPN instead of the wild internet. The ipsec has no restrictions whatsoever and traffic flows without issues across it. The trunk is configured as as generic SIP gateway pointing to the remote internal IP of the snomones. Call go throughout with no issue and audio flows perfectly. The only issues we have right now, is that from when Office A dials Office B, the call gets disconnected at exactly 1:30mins. When Office B dials Office A the calls work normally and do not get disconnected until they finish. Any ideas where this limit of 1:30mins or disconnect comes from? We looked everywhere/ Any ideas are most welcomed! Thanks! Nathan
  11. Xinity, It is just like you said. The recording in your case will include the "greeting" and the "instructions" for the IVR - all in the same recording. Then in the IVR section of the AA you will disable the "Play default welcome message:" and then upload or record your greeting + instruction to the enabled "Override for default:" Cheers Nathan
  12. Hi, We have a very strange behavior on one of our analog trunks. This is a new new analog trunk on a Grandstream 8 FXO gateway. Calls in and out are working perfectly except that incoming calls. This is what happens: 1) All calls to any of the FXo numbers are redirected to a AA using the "Send call to extension:" setting on the redirection settings of the trunk 2) The call gets answered on the AA correctly ‚Äč3) The problem is that if the user dials an extension, say 8806 the system dials 8888 instead. 4) if there user dials any of the digits (1,2,3..) of the IVR menu, it also sometimes goes to any other extension. This behavior ONLY happens when ringing any of the DIDs from the outside. If from any extension I dial the AA number, it works perfectly and as expected. It is something happening when the trunk hands the call to the AA. Any ideas??? Thanks Nathan this is on a snomone running Delta Aurigids
  13. HI, We have been asked to integrate an Avaya IP Office with a snomone. The idea is to have the extension of one system call the other's extensions. We thought that just creating a trunk between them should be enough (with the required dial plan logic on it) , but have not been able to make this work at all. Anyone has any experience with this or similar Avaya setup? Thanks for the help!
  14. Hi AG1, We have several snomOne+ with both analog and digital sangoma cards. I agree the setup is far from being a turkey solution, but it is not that difficult once you get into the snom mindset of doing things. A couple of things: 1) did u run the autocalibration for the sangoma card? 2) are the analog lines directly to the sangoma or is there any equipment in between? I can not comment about the patton...tried one to configure one, but I hear their technical support are great. Try them out. Once the snomone+ is working, is pretty good.
  15. Thanks! Nothing special here: the system is racked in an IT closet with a whole bunch of equipment all chilled and cozy in a good environment with stable AC and good UPSs. I'm doing daily backups right now. From some of the logs in the /var/ folder it may sees like a HDD issue. But I thought these boxes had SDD HDs which I thought were a little bit less prone to regular HDD issues. I guess I was wrong...
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