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  1. any updates on this? its not been an issue yet as I havent made any changes but it would be far better if it was working
  2. I was actually looking at both the digium and the vega gateways (more to replace ISDN2e for smaller businesses and keeping their existing system - Avaya 406v2), would you recommend them?
  3. I have set up autoprovisioning with PnP on the snom one and this works fine with the Snom 720s (using Epsilon Geminids (Win32)) Firmware on the phones is When I upgrade the firmware to PnP stops working. I cant even register a phone running to the switch using PnP I have had to downgrade the phones to the old firmware to do this. I am also trying to get buttons working on these phones, they work on the new firmware but not the old so I am stuck, do I upgrade the firmware and lose PnP or keep PnP but lose the buttons...
  4. I have an onsite snom one with 6 snom 720s. the features the user wants is to be able to park a call on button one then for any other extension to see the call parked (BLF) and by pressing the key picks the call up. is this possible?
  5. I am running the Epsilon Geminids (Win32) version on a test box (trying to PnP 720s) when I go to there are no options there to update the firmware. Am I looking in the right place?
  6. my first Snom One install was with a sangoma 101 without echo cancellation, it was swapped out 3 weeks later. well worth the money
  7. thanks again. I take it what I am trying to do is not standard on the Soho? what is the normal way to install these? is NAT the way forward?
  8. great thanks. how can I do it through the page? is there a standard username and password for SSH?
  9. I have a Snom SOHO. not a linux man but I am trying to find out if I can configure the one port on this to have both an external WAN ip and a LAN IP? is this something that can be done?
  10. I have a Snom vision (1.2.2)hooked up to a 821 (8.4.32)and all works as designed. Except when I come back in the morning the Vision is unresponsive and I need to reboot it. Once I reboot the Vision all is good again...Any ideas why this is happening?
  11. hi we are running 2011- (Win64) and are experiencing the same issue, can record new message but it wont go live. can you post an update for this version? thanks
  12. has anyone used the new snom UC600 and if so have you used it with Snom One? it might be an alternative in the short term before we move to Lync but I would need to know if can autoprovision it via the xml files.
  13. I could kiss you... the sangoma engineer set the NBE up, I stupidly did not notice that the loopback was not being presented in the log. may a thousand camels be blessed upon your family
  14. I have set up Snom one on an internal server and have been using SIP Trunks for both inbound and outbound calls. We are installing ISDN (PRI 8 channels) for failover. what PCI or PCI-E cards can I use on a Linux box and are there more cards available for windows? thanks
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