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  1. Could you point me to the product page of "green" edition? I can't find it and I'd need a price. Thank you.
  2. From wiki.snomone.com "REFER Transfer is prohibited on 3rd Party Devices". In other words only *77 works with non snom phones.
  3. We have no activation code, we have a license key sent by the old italian pbxnsip reseller on november 2010.
  4. Hi, our snom ONE yellow, after having updated to the last version, is saying: "3rd party registration licenses exceeded (5 > 4)" and the registration is refused. May be a problem of our license, since this has been converted from pbxnsip to snomONE?
  5. Hi, we have a snom ONE yellow license installed and we are using a mix of snom/non snom phones. With great pleasure I've read that "snom ONE yellow supports 10 third-party devices", so I've installed it, since we have 5 thid-party devices. The problem is that phones still cannot transfer calls and the log still reads "REFER from device type "Linksys/SPA941-5.1.8" is not supported in this product" We are running version 2011- (Linux) Could you help me? Thank you.
  6. The strange thing is that it allows the registration of these devices, but not the transfer operation. If you park and pickup between 2 of these "not supported" devices, it works. Avoiding the registration process should make more sense, IMHO. From this my perplexity.
  7. Hi, I'm trying Snom ONE and if I try to transfer a call, the pbx terminates the call. From the log I can read this line: REFER from device type "Linksys/SPA941-5.1.8" is not supported in this product Is this the 3rd party limit applied from Snom ONE? Thank you in advance.
  8. I think that snom phones integration with the pbx should constitute a "big" reason to sell snom phones. For this reason, Snom choice to provide a free pbx that supports (almost) only snom phones is understanble. What I don't understand is the not surmontable limit of non snom phones. Why don't they simply sell a license in order to use a non snom agent? Do you want to use 5 snom phones and 9 non snom phones? Pay for 9 non snom agent. Just my 2 cents
  9. Hi, I've downloaded and tried to install the Snom ONE free edition. But how should I get the license to use it? :-?
  10. This means that I won't be able to use "snome ONE".
  11. Ok. I know, I'm missing something.. but what do you mean when you say "third-party restriction"? Sorry for the dumb question.
  12. Hi, what are the differences from the last pbxnsip version and the snom one version?
  13. I've tried to play with the address book and I've found that the incoming Caller ID is not associated to the correspondant Address Book name if the call is transferred to a Hunt Group. Do you confirm this is by design? p.s. I believe that all the Address Book issues should be better explained than it is, Thank you.
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