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  1. I did find this download link... http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxctrl- Is that the latest and final 2.1.x release I should try? Also, I can include the extension in the Conference Name, which is the email subject, but the Tel Alias is what shows up in the location, so for example I have a tel alias like the following... tel:+14041234567 The Location of the Meeting is +14041234567, what I want to know is it possible to include the extension somehow in the Meeting Location, so they get the full number and extension for the Meeting Location, if not I will just al
  2. I tried to upgrade to the latest 2.1.x version so I can test again, but cannot find the download information... Looks like the latest was 2.1.14 is there a exe download for the quick upgrade for the latest 2.1.x release? david
  3. I understand the Tel Alias, I will add the number back and then put the extension in the Description, that will work... so I understand how to enter the extension and/or email addres, do not use the quotes... all the emails in the domain work, sending voicemail attachments, sending missed calls, etc... So emailing works just fine, the only place email seems to not work is scheduled conference emails... we are running I noticed there are some newer 2.1.x versions, these should all work with the exe replacing upgrade method, I can backup current exe and try the new
  4. We have a working system and do not need any features in 3.x version, and generally did not want to go through upgrading and have potential new issues for no new features... We do plan to update at some point, but the conference should be working in our version from what I understand... I entered them in the following ways, tried many different ones... 708;709 "708;709" email@address.com;email2@address.com "email@address.com;email2@address.com" 708;709;email@address.com;email2@address.com "708;709;email@address.com;email2@address.com" So I tried just the extensions, which all
  5. I have having issues with Scheduled Conferences... I am using version 2.1.5, and we have an ad-hoc conference working without any problems... I can setup the scheduled conference, but when a user logins and schedules a conference, no email is ever sent... The email works for all users, and the domain... Every users gets emails for their voice mail messages, missed calls, etc... and it all works... Is there anything else that has to be setup so that the scheduleded conference can send out the email? Second issue, our conference is an extension, is there anyway to have the e
  6. So if you record in prompt 0 of the Queue and there are still agents available, it will still play prompt 0 and then the music on hold until an agent actually picks up the handset? david
  7. Is there a way to have the music on hold play until an agent picks up and not hear the ringing? We have only 4 support phones registered and the default calls all 4 as soon as the extension is hit... this makes the user never hear the music on hold and hear the ringing as they wait for the user. We have the timeout set to awhile so we hear the phone ringing and someone is not at the desks and we need to go back to answer them, there is not always someone there, but we need them to ring. david
  8. Is there a manual update available for 2.1.1 david
  9. Hopefully they will get a firmware out, thanks for the response... We use to use some softphones, that might have been where I saw it working... david
  10. not sure if this is a 2.1 issue, but do not believe we had the issue before... I have an Agent group setup to call 3 extensions, when a user picks up on one of the extensions, the other two phones get a missed call... Should it not detect that the Agent group got an answer and not show a missed call? I read about this on here somewhere but cannot find it and didn't think it happened before 2.1... They are Polycom IP 430 SIP phones... I read this should work due to RFC 3326 headers or something, is there a setting in pbxnsip? did anything change with this in 2.1? david
  11. We have not had 2115 give the issue with the calls where you are in the middle of a conversation and the other end of the call just all of sudden goes to voice mail, but it did happen once last week with a good clean connection... still can't get click to dial in the email to work with 2115, it takes no username/password... This worked in all other versions... all and all very happy with 2115 and it's working great, hopefully the call issue with the user going to voicemail during a call will not come back... david
  12. I was using 2115 today as well and had the same thing happen... I was chatting away (~5 minutes) Call cut off (I didn't press anything!) The Caller was then immediately transferred into my voicemail!? Also noticed with 2115 the TAPI works great, but the missed call emails with the Click To Dial link no longer takes any username/password I give... The same extension and admin username/password work fine from the web interface... david
  13. Is 2115 the version you have released as the official 2.1? david
  14. I am now using 2115 and I'm not sure if this is an issue with the newer versions or not... I have an Agent group that calls for example 3 extensions... All of these extensions are set to redirect to a cell phone after a certain amount of time, which works if the extensions are called directly... But when the extension is called from the Agent group the cell phone does not ring... david
  15. I see that, nice... So the above sip.cfg is fine because it will sort everything out for me? I see the default is: 0 8 18 2 3 Which means: "0" (G.711 u-law), "8" (G.711 a-law), "18" (G.729), "2" (G.726) and "3" (GSM) If G711 is working then that is the best quality because it uses no compression right? thanks for all the help! david
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