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  1. Hi, On some phones like the one you mentioned, they sometimes select a different volume (like call volume, media volume etc.) for a call and seems like a bug because it changes from time to time. When he is in a call, can he press the volume up/down button but then choose the drop down to see all volumes and then increase the other volumes that could be lower than the call volume, most probably the media volume. I hope that helps... Thanks.
  2. Make sure the setting allow webrtc trunk is set to true in the pbx.xml file of the pbx working directory and restart the pbx after that. It was done because of security reasons. No login calls (even if they are not allowed to call out) can be a small security risk and therefore this setting is off by default. If you need it and aware of the little security risk you can turn it on as explained above. In the pbx.xml file it should read: <allow_wrtc_trunk>true</allow_wrtc_trunk>
  3. It has already been done. We will double check as to why it didn't make it to 59.4 but the next release should have it.
  4. You have to login as a user to get a session id before using the websocket API, which can be used to monitor calls or make and hangup calls etc. You can get the session ID during login and then use that token on every subsequent call. An example is given below: hash = MD5(password); vars = { name: "auth", value: account + " " + hash }; sessId = putRest("/rest/system/session", vars); if (sessId != "") { document.cookie = "session=" + sessId; } The account (extension@domain) and password (its MD5 hash is used) are for the user login. To login, you make a REST call to "/rest/system/
  5. Well it works here but we don't have the model you are talking about. Although I don't see why it would be any different. Just to confirm, the phone for example sends a request like: [8] 2014/11/25 11:06:57: HTTP: Received request for file cfg000b82612345 from where 000b82612345 is the mac address. Of course if will be your mac address but just to confirm that it is NOT 000b826xxxxx? Also can you send me what you entered in the phone's webpage setting for provisioning, just to compare? Thanks.
  6. By the way, you changed the mac address last 4 digits to xxxx in the logs here right? Originally it was a fully valid mac address of the phone? [8] 2014/11/25 11:06:57: HTTP: Received request for file cfg000b826xxxxx from [7] 2014/11/25 11:06:57: HTTP: Error generating or finding grandstream-reject1, Send back 404 Not Found to [8] 2014/11/25 11:06:57: HTTP: Received request for file cfg000b826xxxxx.xml from [7] 2014/11/25 11:06:57: HTTP: Error finding cfg000b826xxxxx.xml, Send back 404 Not Found to
  7. What is the pbx version? We introduced grandstream version GXV3xxx in version 5.2.3 on wards. Also we haven't specifically tested it on GXV3275, although we did test it for several other versions like GXV3240 etc.
  8. There are some things to consider: First of all, what do we want to enter the CRM system when making or receiving calls and in what way? There are many different combinations and everyone would like it in their specific way. So, integration is one thing but also how do we provide the flexibility to the customers to enter whatever they want and when. For example, we have already done one way of it and if it suits someone, maybe they can use it already. However it has not been vigorously tested, nor on all versions and flavors of the CRM. If you want to test it though, all you will n
  9. Unfortunately, that noise (which only happens sometimes) seems to be the browser problem which somehow does not shut down the audio completely even when asked to do so. But it does disappear on its own after a few seconds.
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