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  1. Anyone have any clue on what Mobile Phones use SRTP/TLS so that I can connect to the pbx with security? Sara.
  2. Still unable to get SUSE to allow the running of PBXNSIP in User Mode. I can do it with Debian but not Suse. Is there a way around this. I am using pbxd as the .sh file and therefore using /sbin/chkconfig --add pbxnsip to set links does not work. Another problem is that even if you install to srv/pbx and the .sh file states that it is in srv/pbx upon starting the pbx it puts the pbxnsip directory files into the root directory. It refuses to start up automatically so I have to do this manually every time? Sara.
  3. Ok, found the problem the hard way and I think I got caught out on this before. Snom stores everything in its silly config and even if you change details they still stay in memory. That's what happens when you try to run the phone without the pbx, it looks for tls connections even if you have changed the outbound proxy to use udp. You have to reset the phone then start again. You would think that the phone could wipe the config after you change its settings but obviously Snom hasn't been able to figure that one out yet!!! Sara.
  4. It shows that the traffic times out, it goes nowhere. I dial the number and sweet silence of the lambs. The strange thing is that inbound calls are fine. The VPN with the pbx can make inbound and outbound calls, just not the Snom 370 on its own using VPN, very strange indeed. Sara.
  5. I have this issue where the SNOM 370 works well with PBXNSIP but if I try to use the SNOM without the PBX I can register Ok with the SIP Provider but cannot make any calls, incoming calls are Ok. At first I thought it was a NAT issue but I tried the SNOM with DMZ set on the router and no firewall but still no outgoing calls, it just gets silence and doesnt even reach the SIP Server. I have tied this with several providers and all with the same result. Funny thought I had was maybe the SMOM is not being routed properly as I use a VPN on the router and I tried the SNOM without the VPN and low and behold calls could be made. My VPN has no restrictions on VoIP calls and allows any ports for this. So is there any thoughts on this as it is driving me mad to think it works with the pbx but not on its own? Sara Donald.
  6. I found the problem and it lies with BroadVoice. I have since changed providers and all is well but that is as long as I use the pbx, that is another post for Snom. Sara Donald
  7. I have used firefox 3 and have no issues. If you are using Firefox 3 betas then you may experience issues. In Linux Firefox 3 works too, just have to add exception. Sara.
  8. Has anyone had this result when attempting to dial out using Broadvoice, I keep getting Forbidden when trying to do so. Im using Snom and PbxnSip (latest version) running Microsoft (at the moment) on one of my PC's. It registers Ok and can receive incoming calls but not make outgoing calls. I have no firewall but still port forward appropriate ports (just in case). I have sent them several emails but their support is simply not there. For outgoing proxy I am using proxy.nyc.broadvoice.com:5060 Funny that two other providers have no problems. I am using BYO sip in their management console, am I supposed to download a config file or something for SNOM370 because if so I cannot find anything online for the pbxnsip or snom? Regards, Sara.
  9. I havent actually looked into this feature as I have no need to record. From what I have seen at first glance the recordings all go into the recording folder within the main pbx directory. Individual user folders for recording linked to the extension would be of benefit. that way a user can replay the recorded message from their login page. If this is not correct then I'm sure I will find this out when I test it out. Sara.
  10. I have used a Billion router for 5 years without a single problem http://www.billion.com I also use a Sonicwall TZ180 and a Linksys gigabit Switch with this router and everything flows nicely. Sara.
  11. I never had to change a thing in Snom 370. the transfer button followed by extension number works as does all of the others. As long as you have set your sip tab to use pbxnsip instead of default. Sara.
  12. That would be extremely useful as it is pretty easy to attack a system that has root privileges. I am assuming you would write code so that the pbxnsip.exe creates a user account say pbxnsip without a password which can be added at a later stage. Yes, that would be fantastic. Sara.
  13. I cannot get pbxnsip to work using KDE on Suse or Debian only Gnome. In fact Debian will only allow me to use pbxnsip using root not a user account even if I allow the executable to be run with root privellages. I have tried everything known to man kind and have come up with the conclusion that Gnome under SUSE or Debian is the only way to go but be sure to be logged in as root. If someone else has a suggestion on how to get the program to run in user mode then please write back. Sara.
  14. Here is what I have learned so far when installing pbxnsip in linux. Sometimes but not always depending on what linux version you have, you need to put the execute file into the root home directory or else it will not unpack the folders. It can be /root/pbxnsip. This is where you also need to extract the audio folder. Suse linux has a problem with running the pbx in other system folders even with a startup .sh script. Debian seems to handle the whole operation better than Suse which can be a bit hit and miss, just make sure that the .sh file shows the root directory instead of /srv/pbx. Another thing is that the .sh script does not always work on startup so if this happens then open the /root/pbxnsip directory and double click on the pbxnsip executable, this should start the service in Debian. If you are using Suse KDE then double clicking on the executable just brings up a box asking you what you want to use to open the executable file so that is useless, use Gnome instead. As far as I can see the startup .sh script in the wiki for Suse works alright as does the one for Debian. I hope this helps a lot of people wanting to use linux to install pbxnsip. I will continue to test and relay information. Sara.
  15. Thank you very much. I am right in saying that after changing the registry with that dword entry pbxnsip as an application will now have access to changing the packets through winsock, I though it would have been more complicated than that. Should I leave the default value in the global config as 184 (0xB8) or should it be higher? Sara.
  16. After using Windows Server 2008 for a while now and running vista Clients that all use Policy-based QoS, I am astounded to find that Windows Server 2003 does not have easy access to QoS. Could someone please tell me how to implement QoS for pbxnsip in Windows Server 2003. In 2008 and Vista you just do it via gpedit but I had a look and there is nothing that resembles QoS in 2003. All the information on the web leads to QoS Packet Scheduler on the NIC but I need to allow pbxnsip QoS so that all other applications get lower priority? Thanks in advance, Sara.
  17. Can someone update what Snom have said regarding this bug. This is why I am getting multiple rtp streams. Voip Provider routes calls from Thailand to me on rtp but then Snom is registered on 1025 and the pbx and snom rtp is default. I have tested this by not allowing 1000 to 3000 udp and no more multiple rtp streams but an error in the pbx about rtp. I have tried to change the rport in snom but even when I set it to register on port 5061 it still registers on 1025 or 1029. I think for the sake of security this should be changed. Sara.
  18. It works well with Windows Server 2008 and IPV6 makes for smooth operations. the only problem you may encounter is that if you intend on using the web server, you will no longer have access to the admin web page of pbxnsip. Sara.
  19. Tried that and I get this result: # /sbin/chkconfig --add pbxnsip insserv: script pbxnsip: service FOO already provided! insserv: exiting now! /sbin/insserv failed, exit code 1 pbxnsip 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:off 4:off 5:off 6:off
  20. I spoke to soon. the update-rc.d doesnt work in SUSE but I was able to get all of the procedures in place but to no avail as the pbx did not start. Can someone look into this for us, I have now tried doing what was in the wiki and the andrewgroup suggestion but it still is not firing it up. Kindest Regards, Sara Donald.
  21. Yes, thank you very much. I still thing the directions need to be clearer in the wiki. Kindest Regards, Sara Donald.
  22. The other boxes connect directly to a router and even though I have knowledge of setting up a linux box and windows for that matter both servers and clients I am asking that there be better install notes. Firstly the files are execute files for linux and so therefore it should be a matter of placing the file in a directory and executing it from a script but this does not always work as I have tested this file and the script and it simply runs through the motions but when you try to do a config it says the file is unknown. Are we to assume that this file only works in Suse Linux 10.2 and that no other version accept the script, if so then the file is out of date as the latest release for Suse is 10.3 and they are about to release 11 as soon as KDE4 is solid.
  23. I have been trying to setup pbxnsip on suse linux only because all of my other production units are equiped with Linux but do you think I can get it to install. Is there a better setup guide to follow than the wiki as it is very light on in information. There needs to be a proper guide not assuming that everyone knows all about linux. Most applications these days are just as easy to install as in windows so a nice guide would be helpful. Even an RPM file would be better so that you can just install it via package manager. Kindest Regards, Sara Donald.
  24. I would say illegal as the firewall is not preventing any traffic problems as it is not enabled. We have had issues in the past where our telephone lines were listened in on as part of an insurance claim which went to court or it could be the voip provider doing things they shouldn't be doing. I will notify the provider that this simply will not be tolerated. Kindest Regards, Sara Donald. EDIT: I found interesting traffic from the provider they are using a STUN to traverse NAT. Ports used are 18566 and 59518 but the rtp stream changes to ports that are not in the bounds of pbxnsip. I also suspect they change these during the calls as well.
  25. I have noticed lately I get the log message "Tuning to new SSRC" and then the call is usually disconnected. This happens on incoming calls on one of my Sip Providers only. I have three. Any idea on what this is? Kindest regards, Sara Donald.
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