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  1. Hi, Have you tried under domain - features - logo?
  2. Yes, see the standard bundles on http://vodia.com/versions. In case of any pains with registering or getting the free licence working let me know. If you need G729 and other add-ons, full service is available at a low monthly fee with no capital outlay required and no long-term contract.
  3. Pieter, Assume you are in SA - can we assist further - Vodia Support in SA
  4. Thanks. for some reason we had to resample at 8kHz instead of the original 16kHz thereafter it worked
  5. HI, Using Goldwave as suggested - which specific format under "save as" produces a 8kHz mono 16 bit file. We cannot find that specific format in the list at all. Thanks for the assistance
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