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  1. Vodia Support, Running Version 67.0.6 User portal Version 3.5.3 There is an option under a users permission to "Can see calls of the domain". However even when this is disabled, the user can still see Calls in the Domain to the lower right of their screen when logged into as a user. Can you take a look into this for me and advise how I can remove this from a users screen? What would be preferable is if the system only displayed calls relating to that users Department or Building so as to separate branch offices. Greg
  2. Perfect, that will work well however where do I put this URL?
  3. I use an SMS gateway that expects to receive a HTTP GET request like; http://[serveraddress]:[port]/v1/sms/send/?phone=[destnumber]&message=[message] Where can I enter these parameters in Vodia PBX Version 67.0.6? When I select HTTP GET I am asked for Username or account & Application secret.
  4. Thank you. What I'm actually trying to achieve is a visual indicator on the IP handsets so clients can see how many calls are waiting to be answered. It doesn't matter to me how the system is holding the calls, as long as the client can see how busy the system is with calls waiting. I know this can be achieved via the web interface, however for users that do not use this I would like to have a bank of BLFs that light up red or flash when there is a call waiting in the system to be answered. To achieve this it would be nice if calls could be sent to Park Orbit and wait there until answered but the system won't send calls to Park Orbit unless the users does it. So I'm exploring other options to have a call queue where the people in the queue is visually apparent on the handsets. Using cascading Agent Groups with a Max of one call per group actually works, the only problem is you cannot pickup the call by pressing the BLF, you need to do *87 Call pickup. Another thought is it might be nice if the Label of the Agent Group BLF could be auto updated with the current number of calls in an Agent Group waiting. If you have any suggestions as to how I can achieve a handset visual indication of how many calls are waiting to be answered, that would be great. I realize a lot of this is not possible at this time, but maybe you could take some of it as a product improvement suggestion if you think it worthwhile and for the greater benefit of all users. Thank you for your support. Greg
  5. Vodia Support, When using the Vodia App to Transfer a call to another extension, the domain's Transfer Reminder doesn't activate. Scenario would be, while on a call in the App, tap Transfer, then Extensions, then the extension to transfer to, then transfer. You lose the call immediately from the App and it starts ringing the other extension as is expected with a Blind Transfer, however the domains Transfer Reminder doesn't initiate after the allotted time. Transfer Reminder does works for blind transfers from an IP Handset, just not from the Vodia App. Also transferring to an external number fails. Constantly getting complaints from clients on this one. Scenario would be, while on a call using the App, tap Transfer, then "Dial Number", then dial the number, then tap orange right arrow. Call is lost and caller hung up on. I have been advising clients to place the call on Hold, then dial the number using "Dialpad", then transfer the call to Held call where the call is waiting. This works but is the long way around. Also the App suffers from a white screen problem I have customers complaining about frequently. If the App wakes up to receive an incoming call, but you don't answer the call, the screen goes white and you can't get back into the App until you close it down and reopen it. PM me for a video I recorded of this occurring. This relates to Android, unsure if problem also exists on iOS. PBX is 67.0.6 (Jul 26 2021 17:24:39) App version I'm using is 4.0.13 Apart from these minor issues the App is a great addition to the Vodia platform. Thank you, Greg
  6. Hi Daniel, I too had the same problem and with T54W as well. As Vodia have suggested, putting the transfer.dsskey_deal_type in the yealink_common.txt file worked a treat. I set it to 4 to give the user the option of what type of transfer they wanted. I found the user can still do a consultative transfer though if they wish, as they could press transfer before the call is answered which is seen as consultative, so for that scenario I created an AA that plays a message saying "Your call is being forwarded to reception" then rings the reception ring group... I then set all extensions call forward no answer to go to AA after 20 seconds. The Transfer Reminder is 15 seconds so it will kick in first if its a blind transfer. Works well. You can even use a {if model == "t54w"} so it only applies to t54w. The problem I have now, which I will open another discussion on, is the Transfer Reminder doesn't seem to work when using the Vodia App to transfer a call even though it is a blind transfer you're doing. Greg
  7. Thank you for testing this for me. I tested with a snom also, and have found as you have suggested, when a call is in an Agent Group, but there is no Agent ringing, the BLF for the Agent Group does not flash. This is a problem if all agents are busy. It means that another handset can't collect the call if they wished to. By star code workaround, I assume you mean Group Pickup *87? This does work to collect the call even if the Agent Group BLF is not blinking, but if you're to do this, you're having to effectively double up on BLFs for each agent group. One to show you if there is a call waiting in the group and another to pickup the call. Is there a work around to force the BLF to blink wherever a call is in the Agent Group regardless if there is an Agent ringing?
  8. Vodia Support, I'm having trouble retrieving a call from an Agent group using a BLF key. Agent group is 702. Handset is a Yealink T43U BLF is configured using Buttons and the Button is selected as Type = Agent Group, Parameter = 702. The BLF key assigned to the Agent group 702 glows red indicating there is a call in the agent group. Pressing the red BLF should enable me to retrieve the call however instead it initiates a new call to the agent group and the handsets is placed in the agent group in the queue as another call. Dialing *87702 works to retrieve the call, however if this is programmed in as a BLF as the parameter, then the light will not glow red when a call is in the Agent Group. I have turned on "Enable call pickup from extension BLF" within Agent Group 702 I would like to be able to retrieve the call from the Agent group, when the BLF is showing red, by pressing the BLF key. The handset is not ringing at the time. Greg
  9. I've upgraded to 4gb memory and have not seen the problem return. Thank you both for your assistance. Greg
  10. the memory requirements are relative like anything... given under normal circumstances the instance runs at only 330mb max memory and average 10% CPU, at this point the resources are adequate. In anycase, every-time this occurs its the pbxctrl that is the process at fault and the OS kicks in and kills it. then it restarts and all is good once again. Thanks Daniel, I'll open a ticket with Vodia, I haven't done that yet.
  11. Hi Daniel, Running 67.0.6 Was running 67.0.5 and has same problem. Still occurring on 67.0.6. Greg
  12. Here is another process restart I just had this morning in addition to the one above.
  13. Vodia Support, I have the Vodia PBX running on AWS t2.mirco (1gb memory) on Ubuntu. Four to five times a week the AWS instance hits 100% CPU utilization and a console message reports Out of memory; The OS kills the pbxctrl process and it restarts the process and everything returns to normal after about 15 minutes. When this occurs, all active calls are killed and all extensions lose registration. Most handsets take up to 1 hour to re-register unless the users restart their IP Phones. You can see in the above screenshot the memory is full as well. Memory utilization generally is 300 to 340mb. Software version: 67.0.6 (Debian64) Build date: Jul 21 2021 18:01:40 The PBX has 5 active domains with approx 45 registered extensions. The PBX has only Vodia PBX installed. During the day the PBX runs at under 10% CPU utilization as shown below. The spike you see in the screenshot below is when the CPU utilization hits 100% and the OS kicks in the terminates the Vodia PBX process. Can you please assist me in solving this problem? Thank you. Greg
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