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  1. The problem I have is users completing a blind transfer by pressing the BLF key and hanging up. Asking them to press transfer and b.trans would be an issue.
  2. At the moment, we have chosen not to display the DID management section to users. Which is a shame - I'd prefer to have them see DID management and use it - just restricted to their own numbers. If you could work on having the option to link a DID to a domain to achieve this - it would be greatly appreciated. Linking a did to a trunk makes sense if you are running individual trunks per tenancy - but we are running a call termination service as a global trunk. We have a few customers that have a 10 or 100 number ranges - I'd love to be able to assign all their DIDs to their tenanc
  3. Hi Team, I have set the "Transfer Reminder After" on a tenancy, which works fine when completing a blind transfer from a yealink handset (actually pressing the blind trans button). However, When you begin with an Attended transfer, then hang up, turning it into a blind transfer, the call does not call back with the transfer reminder. Is this something that can be achieved?
  4. Hi Team, Just wondering if the DID management can be expanded on? Currently, it would seem that you can add a DID to any tenancy. It would be great if we can allocate DID's to a particular tenancy, then the end user can route the DIDs within their tenancy. Essentially giving us as the provider the ability to allocate the DIDs to only work with a single tenancy. Hopefully this makes sense.
  5. That sounds like it wouldn't be a bad idea. Could I suggest that rather than "guessing" the locale, that it is a configurable option. You could "guess" a locale initially, but if its guessed incorrectly, it needs to be easily changed/corrected. Is it possible to include a time in the service flag? i.e business closes at 5pm on 19/03/2021 and re-opens at 9am 22/03/2021. so you could input a range something like "19/03/2021 17:00 - 22/03/2021 09:00" ? It would also be good if there was a way to set a holiday in a format like "the first Tuesday in November." We have a few holida
  6. So the most common date format in the world it DD/MM/YYYY? I don't know why you would assume that because the date format uses a forward slash, it must be MM/DD/YYYY ? I've just checked the DD.MM.YYYY format - The form validates it correctly, however, the service flag does not work. Today is Sunday the 14th March. I input the holiday date as 14.03 and also tried 14.03.2021 - No flag. I even tried 03/14 and 03/14/2021 and they didn't work either? If I add business hours to the Sunday field, I get the flag. Seems a bit weird. Rather than trying to deal with localisation a
  7. Release note: "The “Yealink general” parameter will now drop those lines in the template that are used in the general parameter." From the release notes of 67.0, it sounds like the provisioning CFG files are being parsed and dropping lines where the Yealink parameter is seen to be a duplicate. For example, for setting user accounts and passwords: #The following examples change the user's username to "user23" and the user's password to "user23pwd".security.user_name.user = user23security.user_password = user23:user23pwd#The following examples change the admin's username to "admin55" and
  8. Issue I've found when adding the cell phone number directly to one of the hunt group stages - it does not have validation that a person has answered (i.e press 1 to accept). So if one user is out of mobile coverage or on a call, their cell phone voicemail will answer the call. So not really suitable. Could a delay when being called as part of a hunt group be added as a feature of the extension? Same as the delay for calling the mobile when calling the extension directly? That would most likely provide a suitable solution for most clients that want this functionality. The issue
  9. When I attempted this earlier this month, (05/03/2021), if I set the date to 05/03 and the service flag showed the incorrect status. I changed it to 03/05 and the flag status shows active. Today, testing it out (13/03/2021), the form validation will not allow the date to be input as 13/03 or 13/03/2021. If i input the date as 03/13/2021, the flag status changes.
  10. This does work. And for small systems, this would be fine. However, sometimes there are quite a number of mobile users in the hunt groups and it would be better if they could be managed via the main extension. It would be great if this was configurable on a per hunt group basis. i.e, have a field on the hunt group like "Delay calling cell phones for X seconds"
  11. Software version 67.0.1 (Debian64) Build date Feb 28 2021 13:43:26
  12. I'm in Australia, and in the system settings we have the date format set as "DD.MM.YYYY" When editing a Service Flag, you have to input it as "MM.DD.YYYY" Is it possible to have the date input for holidays reflect the "Date format" that is set for the server?
  13. I have a customer that wants the cellphones called when the ring group is called, however, they want to be able to delay that by 10 seconds. I can see that under the "When calling the extension directly" there is an option to include the cell phone immediately, or after a delay period. Under "When calling the extension in a hunt group" (or agent group), there is only the options of "Dont call cell phone", "Include cell phone", or "Only if the extension is not registered" Is there a way to achieve a delay to the inclusion of cell phones when being called as part of the
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