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  1. In addition to this, there are numerous users complaining that their apps do not ring, or a blank white page is displayed, or no audio. The mobile apps are very unreliable.
  2. Hi Team, @Vodia PBX I'd expect that the phone should still ring (audible/vibrate) upon inbound call - not just play a notification tone and display as a bar at the top of the screen? Is this expected behaviour? Tested on 4.0.16 on PBX versions 68.0.4 and 68.0.9beta seems to behave the same on Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S20 5G.
  3. @Vodia PBX Having similar issues. Device Galaxy A12 latest android update. We're currently using push-au.vodia.net which I believe was recently relocated from US to AU. End User gets very sporadic push/wake on inbound calls. "When I got a call from my colleague this morning it rang. But has not worked this rest of the day. " Any suggestions?
  4. @RichardDCG FYI - Bit of relevant info for you. We've got a ticket open with support currently regarding faxing from the user portal. The user portal will fit the page width to fit to a US-Letter page size - this leads to having a section of the bottom of the page cut off when faxing an A4 document.
  5. No IP's blocked, these services are typically connecting via 4G. We have whitelisted the carriers IP ranges for 4G services as well as our customers physical locations IPs. If an IP was blocked, I wouldn't have expected the app to completely lock up and need to be uninstalled and reinstalled to get it to function again.
  6. Hi team, App users seem to be having issues where the app will display a blank white screen on android or displays no content on iOS. Only fix looks to be to uninstall and re-install the app and re-login using the QR code. If the PBX is restarted or updated it appears to drop all the connections and the apps lock up needing to be uninstalled and reinstalled again. We have quite a few users utilising the mobile apps and its not giving the best user experience. PBX is running 67.0.6 (Debian64) (Aug 10 2021 14:30:04 Build), and the apps are all the latest versions. Any feedback/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi, Wondering if it is possible for FAX detection on an auto attendant to redirect to a fax extension?
  8. Hey @GregV Thanks for the info. I had attempted to use the call forward no answer to return calls to reception, however, the feature sync would show an active call forward in the indication bar on the Yealinks - which just confused users. Sounds like I'll have to have a bit more of a tinker.
  9. Hi Team, iOS users are able to manage the "Disable Calling the App" from within their mobile app, whereas Android users do not currently have this option. Can this please be added.
  10. 1gig seems a bit on the low side - we we're running with 4GB and it currently sits around 1.4gb First time it happened to us, the Azure VM just restarted itself and everything came back online. Second time we had to manually intervene. Since upgrading we haven't had an issue (still keeping an eye on it though) I'd suggest opening a support ticket - support.vodia.com
  11. We encountered this issue a few weeks back - what version are you running? Upgraded to 67.0.6 and haven't encountered the issue again.
  12. Hi, Following the documentation you referred to - I was able to obtain an Insights Insert key. Looks like these are handled @ https://insights.newrelic.com/ as they have not yet been added to the new dashboard layout. Vodia still doesn't pattern match the key. The issue I'm running into is that when Vodia attempts to post the data, I'm receiving a 403 forbidden response. From the Vodia log: POST /platform/v1/metrics HTTP/1.1 Host: platform-api.newrelic.com X-License-Key: **************** Content-Type: application/json nAccept: application/json Content-Length: 546 {"agent":{"host":"*****","pid":"pbxctrl","version":"67.0.6"},"components":[{"name":"*****","guid":"com.vodia.pbx","duration":***,"metrics":{"Component/Traffic/SIP[packets/sec]":*******,"Component/Traffic/HTTP[packets/sec]":*****,"Component/Load/Media[usage]":[***,***,*,**,****],"Component/PBX/CDR[units]":*****,"Component/PBX/Emails[units]":***,"Component/PBX/Uptime[sec]":*******,"Component/PBX/Minutes[units]":*****,"Component/PBX/Registrations[units]":***,"Component/PBX/Subscriptions[units]":****,"Component/PBX/Calls[units]":**}}]} HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Content-Length: 32 Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 00:19:17 GMT Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 {"error": "Invalid license key"} Looking at the Newrelic documentation - is the endpoint that vodia is using correct? Newrelic docs show the endpoint as: https://metric-api.newrelic.com/metric/v1 The docs also refer to the header value of "Api-Key" not "X-License-Key" Api-Key Yes Required. The Insert API key authenticates you to use the Metric API. If this is provided as both a header and a query parameter, the values must match.
  13. Hi Team, As previously mentioned, the keys available from newrelic do not validate in the license key field. Over-riding the pattern match on the field to add any of the available license keys from new relic also does not work. Any update/feedback on how to get this to work?
  14. @Vodia support Any update on this? Would really like to start monitoring our servers.
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