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SNMP in general

Andrew D Kirch

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The flipside is, if you aren't using SNMP monitoring with PBXnSIP, why is that? What values does the PBXnSIP SNMP support lack which would make your life easer?

I for one would like to see the following OID's added


total voicemail

voicemail by account

(these allow me to ensure my managed PBX users are checking their voicemail because the boss wants to know that calls are being returned)

system load

(since PBXnSIP overrides the system SNMP we need some health values from the system, perhaps they could locate the standard MIB folders in windows/linux and announce them as well?)

trap on dropped call

(send an SNMP trap somewhere if the system thinks a call dropped)

5 minute system call load average

(running adjusted average of the number of concurrant calls on the system, and no I don't want to have to hack my monitoring software to make this work :mellow: )


Let me know what you guys think. I personally believe (unlike others) that PBXnSIP is ready for the prime time, and that means monitoring and accountability.


Regards :)

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