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Possible Voicemail Transfer Bug


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I am using version, and I think I have found a bug when trying to transfer (move) a voicemail from one extension to another ( hitting 6 while in voicemail ).


When you have extension numbers of different lengths in the same domain, it pbxnsip appears to default to only allow transfer (move) of a voicemail to extensions of the shortest length if there is a extension that matches that is of that shorter extension length.


For example, for 3-digit extensions, I can transfer (move) voicemail from one 3-digit extension to another 3-digit extension. Likewise I can transfer (move) voicemail from one 4-digit extension to another 4-digit extension.


However, when I have a domain of 3-digit and 4-digit extensions, when you try to transfer (move) a voicemail from either a 3-digit or 4-digit extension to a 4-digit extension, pbxnsip takes the first 3 digits if they match an extension number and then asks you if you want to send the mail to that extension and doesn't give you the opportunity to put in the 4th digit.


For instance, if you have an Extension 250 and Extensions 2500 through 2509 on the same domain, you can never transfer (move) a voicemail to Extensions 2500 through 2509 from any extension, since the server matches for Extension 250 before you have a chance to put in the 4th digit.


Is this a known bug? Are there any workarounds? I have scoured this board for it before I posted, but if it is mentioned, it is well-hidden, kind of like this bug being well-hidden, if that's what it is.



I appreciate your input ahead of time!




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Yea, the PBX does not wait until the user enters more digits. It is generally a good idea to make sure that all extensions have the same length (at least if they are numbers). Otherwise there are a lot of challenging problems when users try to punch in an extension number.


The idea is to make better use of the # sign to terminate input. But that is not such a small change, it is in so many places...

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