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FXOs Freezes UP

Guest Pats

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My FXOs would freeze up and got hang. From the box I can see the FXO yellow led got lighted up. I can duplicate this problem quite easily. It will happen when I call into the FXO enter some digits that was not prompted by the IVR and hang up the phone. The FXO will be hang there. To clear it I need to a power cycle of the box. The version of the software I am using is 2923.tgz


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Yes, it upgraded to 2933, and it's still the same issue.


Well that looks like a disconnect problem. The PBX obviously forks the call to a cell phone, but does not receive a hangup message. So they will be connected for a long long time.


The way to solve this problem is to work on the call disconnect detection of the FXO subsystem. Unfortunately, FXO is anlog and there is no clear standard that tells a FXO endpoint when a call gets disconnected so you have to try and error a little bit.

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