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Conference bug

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With Caller A on the handset, conference in Caller B...


Once the conference call is established, press a few number keys on the phone keypad to generate touch tones...


depending on the length of time you hold down the key, the original Caller A will hear a continous generation of the touch tone requiring a hang-up...


This behavior is on both PBXnSIP servers. running two different versions of 2.0.x

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The reasons to do this are many. Let me explain how this bug embarrased me today. I had new client prospect on my first call and I conferenced in the customers telecom vendor. We planned to speak to that person directly but if we reached voice mail we were going to leave a joint callback message. I began hitting the proper extension numbers to access the person and my prospective PBXnSIP client began hearing the continous tones. PBXnSIP timed and then hung up on the caller.


We can duplicate this condition 100% of the time and would have no problem extending our system to help diagnose this condition.


In this case, the PBXnSIP condition demonstrated itself to a prospective PBXnSIP client and I had to make an excuse for the trouble.

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