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Polycom 670 with Sidecar


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How can we setup the Polycom sidecars to to start monitoring users just on the sidecar and not starting on the phone itself , there must be a way in the config file to do this , it just would look cleaner if all the monitoring started and finished in one place ..


You definitively have to switch to TCP or TLS transport layer (set in the PnP params). TLS requires a valid certificate in the PBX (http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Getting_...lid_Certificate), if you don't have one better stay on TCP. APart from that, you should follow the procedure in http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Polycom.


As far as I know there is no way of exactly saying what key gets what BLF. It is all dynamically assigned by the phone.

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