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G.722 (HD) support


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Does pbxnsip support HD voice?


Yes, the PBX supports G.722 (which runs at 64 kbit/s). However, as the prompts are all in 8 kHz you should not expect miracles when taking to the mailbox. But for calls that pass through the PBX the call quality should be great.


We don't support G.722.1 (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G.722.1). That is a different codec. Seems the licensing terms are reasonable and even the CPU overhead is relatively low. So that might mean one nice day we can add this codec as well.


Please note that even for G.722, transcoding means loosing quality. If you are transcoding between G.711 and G.722 you will have worse quality than with a pure G.711 call. This is a little bit surprising in the beginning, but it becomes understandable that representing an audio signal with 64 kbit/s in two different ways can result only in a common denominator quality. One more reason to avoid transcoding where ever possible.

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