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Problems with the pbxnsip service


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Were having some serious problems with Pbxnsip.


? Were having problems with our agent group which handles all calls to our support department. The agents suddenly stop ringing and can only be resolved by restarting the pbxnsip service.


? We are also having problems transferring calls which also randomly stops working for some extensions. This is also resolved by restarting the service. When the user tries to transfer the call there is a voice saying that the service is not available.


? Sometimes all calls at the same time stops transmitting voice. We can hear the callers but they cant hears us. If we hang up and call again it works. This happens a couple of times per day and is really frustrating.


? I configured the firewall so that I can reach the pbx from the public internet. I am using the solution suggested in your wiki with two nics and two different private ip:s ( and The firewall is configured to use static address translation from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to (no NAT). The phones manage to register but when I try to call someone the call comes through but no sound is coming through. The ports that are forwarded are TCP/UDP 5060, 5061,69 and 49152-64512. Yhe phone that is being used is Xten.


I need help with this asap.




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One thing that you can check is if the route on the host is preferring the public interface. In Windows, the default is to use the fastest interface, no matter if it is using a public or private IP address.


Also, you need to make sure that the port forwarding does not introduce NAT. The firewall should transparently forward the packets to the public interface.

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