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Achab moves pbxnsip into Italy


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pbxnsip and Achab sign a partnership agreement for the distribution in Italy of a future-proof IP PBX




The need for VoIP solutions for business use is growing, and Achab is responding to that need with an entirely software-based IP PBX, which is secure, robust, and has all the features a business needs. It is a multiplatform solution for Windows, Linux and Mac, making the product both highly flexible and easy to integrate into the IT structure of any organization.


Among the numerous benefits of the pbxnsip IP PBX, those of particular note include the wealth of features and high degree of scalability, as well as a cost that is significantly lower than that of traditional PBXs, greater ease of use and installation than for traditional proprietary systems, and the ability to use existing network infrastructures and to easily integrate an organization’s existing messaging and CRM applications.


Another essential aspect for businesses, which is fully implemented in pbxnsip, is security. Indeed, this solution meets the highest security standards and ensures full communication protection. Finally, this new product in the Achab portfolio does not overlook the issue of mobility, which is essential in today’s business landscape as a support for telecommuting and mobile workers. pbxnsip handles mobile phones as if they were internal extensions, thereby providing clear benefits particularly in terms of cost reduction.


“We are proud to represent pbxnsip in Italy. The solution that we have chosen to include in our offering impressed us for its wealth of features, its security and its solidity,” said Andrea Veca, an Achab director. “We believe that pbxnsip is the ideal product to meet the needs of SMBs, which are increasingly looking to have a single communications infrastructure that is entirely IP based and is able to ensure data security and confidentiality. Being fully compatible with the SIP standard, pbxnsip is a complete, mature solution that can be adapted to any architecture at a reasonable cost. It’s a true platform that’s able to handle all types of communication and to provide businesses with the ability to integrate applications and to create new services. pbxnsip is a real product for the future.”


“We are happy to be able to announce that distribution of our pbxnsip product in Italy is to be handled by a distributor of the caliber of Achab, a company that has such deep roots and extensive reach throughout the country,” said Jonathan Greenwood, CEO of pbxnsip Europe Ltd. “In line with the attention that Achab gives to its channel partners, we will be organizing monthly training sessions so that resellers will have all the tools they need to promote the pbxnsip solution. We have faith that, together, pbxnsip and Achab will be successful in a market as interesting and receptive as the one we have seen in Italy.”


pbxnsip and Achab news story

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