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  1. If you are out of upgrade protection you need to buy a blue license. I dont know where you are from, please contact your nearest snom distributor who can sell you a blue software license.
  2. jag


    You need the Green license, all features of the PBX are open. Please contact your nearest sales office.
  3. jag


    Both phones should be able to work with snom ONE, however it depends on the version you have for which functionality works. Free, Yellow and Blue, you can not transfer a call. You can only register up to 5, 10 or 20 devices (free, yellow, blue) Green all functionality. I would suggest you need a green license, please contact your distributor or nearest snom office for pricing.
  4. jag

    View PBX Password

    We will look at this, it is a simple display issue!
  5. jag

    none snom phones/ATA can be used

    Green is un-locked, you can attach as many ATA or softphones as you like, you can also transfer between devices. Please contact your distributor OR sales office in your country for pricing and sales information.
  6. jag

    Supervised Transfer Not working

    Please email uksales@snom.com and we shall place into the right hands to help you. You need a snom ONE green edition to get over the REFER part. Thanks Jonathan
  7. Took the update from the pbxnsip-website ---- Get the download from snom.com, snom ONE free.
  8. jag

    Twytel, error 415

    The trace states clearly it is an unsupported codec issue. Either get them to swap to G711u/a OR buy an upgrade license.
  9. jag

    Twytel, error 415

    Please contact sales@snom.com, stating which country you are in and a copy of the existing pbxnsip licenses. Thanks Jonathan
  10. jag

    none snom phones/ATA can be used

    Free = 5 Yellow = 20 Blue = 40 Green = Unlimited ATA is classed as a 3rd party device. You can find this information on the right hand side of the product pages on the website at http://www.snom.com/en/products/ip-pbx/snom-one-blue/
  11. jag

    transfer call with siemens s865ip

    snom ONE green is available soon. It is not available just yet. It will be sold on a case by case basis. The MSRP price will be $3995.00 USD / €2995.00 Euros.
  12. jag

    SnomOne Plus Yellow/Blue

    We will only offer this with yellow and blue for now. JAG
  13. jag

    SnomOne Plus Yellow/Blue

    MSRP Pricing MOQ 2 units Products - snom ONE plus YELLOW - snom ONE plus BLUE snom ONE 410 FXO (4 Port) - € 1725.00 - € 2225.00 snom ONE 810 FXO (8 Port) - € 2083.00 - € 2583.00 snom ONE 1210 FXO (12 Port) - € 2373.00 - € 2873.00 snom ONE 1610 FXO (16 Port) - € 2717.00 - € 3217.00 snom ONE 410 2 BRI (4 channels) - € 1844.00 - € 2344.00 snom ONE 810 4 BRI (8 channels) - € 2202.00 - € 2702.00 snom ONE 1210 6 BRI (12 channels) - € 2488.00 - € 2988.00 3010 ISDN T1/E1/J1 (up to 30 channels) - € 2602.00 - € 3102.00 snom ONE 3510 combo - € 2717.00 - € 3217.00 - T1/E1/J1 (up to 30 channels) - 4 FXO - 1 FXS
  14. jag

    snom yellow and blue

    Please contact your distributor who can obtain pricing from their account manager. Green is sold on a case by case basis. Thanks Jonathan
  15. jag

    snom yellow and blue

    You must upgrade to get the new counts of phones. Please do this... 1. Follow the upgrade instructions on http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Upgrades 2. Start the PBX 3. Go to the license section, click on the middle button to view the license, delete the license and press save. 4. click - Evaluation copy You should now have the new license. Yellow and Blue Customers - You should have already received the new license automatically. JAG