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LDAP on Snom 300/325


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As there are no PBX provisioning files for this handset, How do we configure a Snom M300 to access the LDAP on the PBX?


Settings required:


LDAP Central Directory


Central Directory Location: LDAP Server




LDAP Filter:



Virtuel Lists:


Handset Identity:


Name: "cn" or "sn+givenName"









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LDAP: LDAP name filter: LDAP number filter: Server Address: Port: Base: Username: Password: Max. Hits: LDAP name attributes: LDAP number attributes: LDAP display name:



We have yet to get a hand on that phone to be able to decipher and provision it. Until then the above settings should be helpful.



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I am sorry, the post unfortunately doesn't show up immediately right now somehow, so I didn't see that it skipped the settings in the paste.


Here they are again:


LDAP name filter: (|(sn=%)(gn=%))

LDAP number filter: (|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))

Server Address: (PBX IP)

Port: (PBX PORT)

Base: ou=people

Username: localhost\40

Password: userpassword

Max. Hits: 50

LDAP name attributes: cn sn givenName

LDAP number attributes: telephoneNumber mobileTelephoneNumber

LDAP display name: %cn


By the way you are talking about snom300, I thought you were talking about the dect handsets. With snom 300 you should be able to provision it without any problems.



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