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Has anyone tested with OCS R2?


I'm curious if the Attendant Console works with pbxnsip.


How does pbxnsip normally function with OCS?

It looks like OCS R2 can queue calls now, so if you use OCS does this function reside on OCS now?


I like to know if the OCS R2 Mediation server will support T.38 fax protocol.

Right now it is only possible to receive faxes if you create multiple dialplans in Exchange UM

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Hello Coen,


your question: OCS R2 Mediation server will support T.38 fax protocol? was answered here Tech-Ed EMEA by Eric Swift: "No, not in R2 and not in Wave14!"


You will need to have 3.party like fenestrae for it.


best regards from Barcelona,



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Hello nexSIP


1. no the Attentend will not work with pbxnsip directly. It will run registered at OCS like the OC client. Maybe pbxnsip needs some line of new code to support it fully. But I guess, it will work right now.


2. How does pbxnsip work with OCS? Please test it! You can find a startup guide here http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Office_C...ications_Server :D


3. Yes the call queue reside's on OCS as far as I know. A basic ACD can do workflow on Presence, Endpoint-Features, etc. With API's & SDK you can write your own...,


other news: delegates, pstn-conference call in , call via office from your mobile (Windows Mobile or a Java Client), more, ....


best regards from Barcelona, Tech-Ed EMEA,



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I thought the guide http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Office_C...ications_Server would explain this or the infrastructure picture at the end of the guide.


Ok, simplified the construct looks like:


PSTN-VOIP-Gateway (or Provider) <-(SIP unsecured or secured/Traditional Codecs/S or RTP/mostly UDP, rarely TCP)-> pbxnsip <-(Plain SIP/Traditional Codecs/RTP/TCP)-> OCS2k7 Mediation Server <-(SIP in MTLS/RTA/SRTP/TCP)> OCS2k7 Standard Edition Server (or Enterprise Edition Front End Server)


Is that answering your question?


The OCS product team stated that for R2 no forklift of the existing voip- or traditional pbx is necessary. They changed some in the R2 Mediation Server for example to allow a new feature called "Single number reach". This allows you to initate calls from Communicator Mobile "via Office Number". OCS R2 calls your mobile phone back, and than connects you to the target number.


Best regards, from Barcelona


Jan (relaxing after an awesome Tech-Ed week) :)

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Hello Markus,


the term "Direct Sip" is slightly misleading and mostly used for two different PBX integration scenarios. In both of them, you still need the Mediation Server!


1. it describes the simplest way of OCS-integration with a pbx (voip-pbx). This can be a greenfield deployment without a pbx, but with a voip-gateway that is compatible with Mediation Server. Or it can be a voip-pbx like Cisco or a legacy pbx with a voip-gw. In this cases a simple forwarding of calls to Mediation Server is made. An advanced scenario is called "Dual forking". In this case your deskphone and Communicator ring at the same time. Thats what we do with pbxnsip :D . The costliest scenario is called "Dual Forking with Remote Call Control (RCC)". This allows the user to take / make calls via Communicator or the Phone (CTI via uaCSTA - ecma TR/87) by change the "device" at any time. Additionally he can set the prefered "device". A Mediation Server and a thirdparty CSTA-Gateway Server is needed or an Nortel CS1000 with the special OCS-Proxy Role for Nortels MCM application.


2. it describes a direct integration of the Mediations Server with an VoIP-Provider - using SIP over TCP. There are a few available for OCS 2007 RTM (R1). But the scenario and none of the providers is supported by Microsoft. With R2 this will change. There will be OCS R2 certified VoIP-Provider available and with R2 this will be supported by Microsoft.


In conclusion, you will need the Mediation Server also in the future, until so called "Advanced VoIP-Gateways" become available. The Advanced gateways should incorporate Mediation Server technique. Important prerequisites for that are RTA (MS Real Time Audio) native support, AD Domain Membership and an MTLS connection to other OCS-Roles (server).


Best Regards



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