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Customization of Polycom VVX 600 phone interface


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I am trying to customize the Polycom VVX 600 interface of the physical phone. I was wondering if the following modifications are possible:

1. On the "main screen" of the phone all the favourite contacts are displayed. When the home button is pressed then another screen is displayed e.g New Call, Messages, Directories, Search etc. but after a certain amount of time the phone goes back to the "main screen" where all the favourite contacts are displayed. Is it possible to stick only with the second screen and eliminate somehow the "main screen" or the timeout value that switches the phone to the "main screen"?

2. Is it possible to remove certain icons from the second screen e.g DND, Forward icon etc. to make it more simple?

3. The calendar icon is not displayed on the second screen? On the internet I have seen Polycom VVX 600 phones with a calendar icon. How to force the phone so that it is displayed?

Any other possible ways (with instructions) to customize the look-and-feel of the Polycom VVX 600 interface of the physical phone will be greatly appreciated.

I am sure that answers to such questions will help other members of this forum.

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The question is if you want to automatically provision the phone or manually configure it. What the PBX automatically provisions for the phone does not go that far; however if you can manually configure the phone you might be able to get those things done.


If you get it done, we could take a look what we can include in the standard provisioning file.

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