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Daniel Floeckinger

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We have serious problems with SNOM sending TLS messages to PBXnSIP. We do not have a certificate in our pbx as we run it on windows2000 embedded and we can not generate a CSR.


After a couple of hours, the phones do not register anymore and i need to reboot them.


According to SNOM, TLS can not be deactivated. I do not believe that. Does anyone know how to deactivate TLS on SNOM?

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You can use something like this in the outbound proxy:


For UDP:

For TCP:;transport=tcp

For TLS:;transport=tls


The plug and play files are really hard coded to TLS. Try to mode to 6.5.10, which seems to work stable. If you have unstable Internet connection, you might have problems, as the snom re-register very slowly after loosing the registration.

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Currently we are using the following files for version 6 of the snom phones (see attachment). You can put them into the html directory and edit them. Be careful when there are updates - your changes then might become obsolete (that's why we prefer not to give them out). The files for 320 and 360 are the same, therefore there is only a snom 320 file.


You can always put files into the tftp directory. They override the files generated by the PBX.




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