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star code for "the current time"

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I know that this request may be seen as coming from the previous century, but well, although hard to believe, we have some users asking for this. Could you guys add the feature of announcing the current time? I know that we have *62 for wake up call, but this is a bit different. The feature would be of just saying the current time and that would be it. A more 21st century idea would be to trigger a look up to also announce the current temperature (based on user location). At the moment, the current time (that the pbx already knows) would be good. I know that most IP phones have a display that shows the current time but there are users with no display or are using an ATA or Gateway to enable analog phones. Well, for now, just giving the current time would do. Could it be something included on the next release?



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I do not think so. Let me try to explain. In my country, there are no 10 digit numbers that could be dialed to get the current time. The incumbent carrier does have the service for their customers and such customers get it by dialing the following three digits: 030

Since we are not the incumbent carrier, dialing those three digits would not work. To follow that route, I would need to suscribe a couple of trunk lines with the incumbent carrier and then use them as global trunks in the pbx using an FXO gateway.


The PBX already has a text to speech service built in. I mean, by dialing *61 the pbx announces the current balance of an account. It also knows the current time thanks to the ntp server that it also handles. So, the elements are already there, it would only be a matter of assigning a star code to have the service of saying the current time, no? perhaps *60 ?

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