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Feature help: Destination for incoming calls

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Is it possible to use the "Destination for incoming calls:" feature in order to send a specific caller to a different part of the pbx?


For example:

If the caller ID of the person calling is 555-555-5555 I want it to go to extension 200. All other calls to the auto attendant.

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1.You need to create an ivr.node, lets say its account 800.

2. If you want all calls to flow through this, you will need to add all DID's that would be called as an alias to the account.. Let say the DID was 666-666-6000

ie Account number(s) 800 6666666000

3. You would need to create a from base routing match list: !5555555555!112 !.*!700----------------All calls from 5555555555 would go to account 112, all others would go to account 700


Good luck

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