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  1. Was wondering if you had any intention to secure the system with a Voip blacklist. http://www.voipbl.org/ I think it would be a good feature to defend against unwanted attacks. We use it on some Asterisk and Freeswitch servers and it almost cut our hacking attempts to 0. Just an idea.
  2. Oh I see what you mean. Don't think this will work. So there's no other way?
  3. How can I limit an extension to only be able to dial 2 specific extensions? Say you have a system with 10 extensions, and you program a phone onto one extension. How can I limit that only two of these extensions can be dialled. Dialing any of the other 7 would make the call fail. I tried using a dial plan, by only setting the two extensions and using NOT ALLOWED * for everything else. Did not work. My dial plan is: 99;+;;150;;;false 100;+;;155;;;false 110;-;;*;;;false
  4. Has the phonebridge been integrated to make and receive calls, or only for logging?
  5. Thanks for getting back. I did enable that feature because we need to be able to retrieve the passwords in order to automate a provisioning softphone we created. But I didn't think that the same feature would enable it on the web interface... There should still be a way to disable showing passwords in clear text on the web interface.
  6. Jeez... Just testing more settings. Seems that all passwords are shown. Below is provisioning details.
  7. It's also shown under the extension edit. Right in the password field...
  8. I noticed that in the latest version the SIP/WEB passwords are shown in clear text if someone changes them under the Registration tab. Can this be disabled?
  9. That puts the First + Last. Isn't there a way to separate them?
  10. When using paramenters to provission, there seems to be {account}: The account name of the current user. But what if you just want the first name or last name? Are there any parameters for those?
  11. I did this. http://pbxip/reg_status.htm?save=save&max_ring_duration=3600 , double checked that the pbx.xml got updated. Then restarted the service. But it still does not go past 120 seconds. Ringing a hunt group. First stage is an extension with 120 seconds, but it disconnects before going to the second stage. If I put 60 seconds per stage. It goes to both stages then disconnects.
  12. Can the ring time be increased past the maximum? The option is currently set to 180 seconds. This is the highest number. Can I somehow increase it to 3600? This is an older version 52 I was thinking to modify it directly in pbx.xml
  13. Used Vernon's recommendation and it worked perfectly.
  14. No that won't work either. If the call is forwarded out, then it considers it released, and will accept new calls.
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