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  1. Any news on this? I installed the latest Windows app, and also the latest release but still doesn't show up.
  2. How do you count how many SMS have been sent? Is there a SOAP option? Or a counter?
  3. I'm playing with the idea of text messaging on Vodia. If i were to request a small change, is to put the a notification of new messages somewhere on the dashboard. The reason being, is that if you miss the Windows notification, you can easily overlook the new messages. Something even like this will make it so much user friendlier!
  4. Great thank you for the response
  5. That part worked it seems. I have a quick question. If you put the same phone SMS DID into two different extensions, which one will get the message?
  6. I am testing with the SMS compability of Vodia. There isn't much documented. Basically, none of these fields are avaialble in Telenyx's website https://developers.telnyx.com/docs/v2/messaging/quickstarts/sending-sms-and-mms What should I enter in each field? Application Secret - YOUR_API_KEY There should be a webhook_url but where to enter it?
  7. After further testing, it seems that the the Default dial plan under General settings has a higher priority over the extension's dial plan. This was never the case before.
  8. Not global. It's the default under the localhost domain.
  9. Say for example, I have a dial plan named: Dial Plan A and it uses Trunk A. Then I have another dial plan, named Dial Plan B and it uses Trunk B. On the extension, if changing between dial plans. Now, everytime I try to change the dial plan, to B, it still uses Trunk A from Dial Plan A.
  10. I am testing with the new version 65.0.8. When you change the dial plan on an extension, it still uses the old dial plan. I changed it under General settings > default dial plan, and specifically under the extension. But it still uses the old dial plan. It does display the correct dial plan under the extension, but uses the old dial plan anyways.
  11. I see that some values work when i send them to the log server: {from} and {to}. Any other values I can pass?
  12. Is the IVR node server documentation outdated? What about the PHP script in it? I simply cann't get the script to write the cdr file.
  13. It is sending it, but with a null value. Wireshark and the log shows the same thing. 1. I dont understand why I need to specify To-based routing match list? The documentation mentions that only List of actions should be set it action:url. 2. The Connection timeout and Read timeout under the Action URL tab are completely ignored and the call is automatically redirected if the Destination RegEx (e.g. !([0-9]*)!\1): is set to something. 3. Well and the worst part, it is still null. Sorry I dont know what you mean by asking to send an Http packet?
  14. Wireshark says Content Length: 0. Still null...
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