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  1. When using paramenters to provission, there seems to be {account}: The account name of the current user. But what if you just want the first name or last name? Are there any parameters for those?
  2. I did this. http://pbxip/reg_status.htm?save=save&max_ring_duration=3600 , double checked that the pbx.xml got updated. Then restarted the service. But it still does not go past 120 seconds. Ringing a hunt group. First stage is an extension with 120 seconds, but it disconnects before going to the second stage. If I put 60 seconds per stage. It goes to both stages then disconnects.
  3. Can the ring time be increased past the maximum? The option is currently set to 180 seconds. This is the highest number. Can I somehow increase it to 3600? This is an older version 52 I was thinking to modify it directly in pbx.xml
  4. Used Vernon's recommendation and it worked perfectly.
  5. No that won't work either. If the call is forwarded out, then it considers it released, and will accept new calls.
  6. Tried it and it doesn't work. Say you put 2 in the total calls/total calls on trunk. One call is active, the next one gets disconnected.
  7. How can I call forward to an extension if calls on the trunk are busy. What I'm trying to test is: To only allow one active call per system. For example, someone calls in reaches an auto attendant, the caller presses the key and then the call is forwarded to an external number. The second call that comes in, to go directly to voicemail.
  8. Your sentence seems to say that SOAP is very old... Then why do we use it? The content is always "SOAP" there is no JSON. It is a very old setting, for those who still remember what SOAP is. The information I gathered was from the documentation from here: https://doc.vodia.com/acdreport
  9. The documentation says the following: The PBX can send updates to an external server using HTTP or HTTPS. The setting for this is at the bottom of the ACD page, called "Queue status URL". The setting may take one of the following values (only one URL at a time is possible): json/jsons: When using the json scheme, the PBX sends a JSON object to the address provided behind the scheme. For example, "json://acd.domain.com/acd123" would send the content to "http://acd.domain.com/acd123". When using jsons, the system uses https instead of http. soap/soaps: When using the soap scheme, the PBX sends a XML object to the address provided behind the scheme. For example, "soap://acd.domain.com/acd123" would send the content to "http://acd.domain.com/acd123". When using soaps, the system uses https instead of http. But the validation only accepts http://xyz... json:// also doesn't work
  10. It was always like this... It recently changed. Tested on old versions and it works working before. That's what the "Record calls from hunt group to extension" setting is for. Otherwise it's a useless option, since it doesn't do anything.
  11. "So I created a hunt group, and the phone number goes directly to it. I have also set under general settings that all calls should be recorded. upload pic But incoming calls do not get recorded if they go directly to a hunt group. Turning on the feature "Record incoming calls to hunt group" works. It makes much more sense that the General Settings should override this feature. As it used to...
  12. I did not use that before. But it's really curious that it does this, when I've tested it multiple times, and it always worked. I added it and I'll wait to see if it changes...
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