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  1. If you login and logout of the ACD, the agent is added under Primary agents in duplicates. Primary agent: 303 304 305 if agent 303 logs out and logs back in Primary agents: 303 304 305 303 again Primary agents: 303 304 305 303 303
  2. For windows you can try this https://sourceforge.net/projects/rbtray/ You minimize any app with the right click to the tray.
  3. Yes, the certificate is working in the browser. I also manually uploaded the X3 cert from LetsEncrypt and it still not registering. I added both https://letsencrypt.org/certificates/ the RootCA and the Int Certificate just in case. Same resuult with the same error. In their documentation they should support natively: ISRG Root X1 4096 bit sha256WithRSAEncryption Jun 4 11:04:38 2015 GMT Jun 4 11:04:38 2035 GM T Page 10 : https://support.polycom.com/content/dam/polycom-support/products/voice/business-media-phones/other-documents/en/ucs-cert-update-5-9-0.pdf
  4. Seems it doesn't work with Let'sEncrypt either: 0901162752|sip |4|00|[cert_verify_callback,tcp]:Server certificate verification failed, Untrusted Certificate,error=19 0901162752|sip |4|00|MakeTlsConnection: SSL_connect error 1 0901162752|sip |4|00|MakeTlsConnection: SSL_connect failed 'error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed' err -1 0901162752|sip |4|00|MakeTlsConnection: connection failed error -1 Changing it to UDP/TCP works. I also followed the tutorial where you need to register via HTTPS, but it doesn't help. Maybe a bug wit
  5. I was able to test it by allowing the Vodia access to external network, and it worked. Thanks again!
  6. Probably not. Testing it in a LAN and only allow Let's Encrypt temporarily.
  7. Enabled Let's Encrypt, and it seems that there is an error. The address is valid and so is the IP, as well as port 80/443 is enabled. [8] 15:45:51.613 Creating pbx.sevillapbx.comⓘ [6] 15:45:51.613 Using IP address for creating DNS A record for pbx.sevillapbx.comⓘ [8] 15:45:51.613 Create new accountⓘ [7] 15:45:51.812 Retrieved directory "{\n \"DSd23das\": \"https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/adding-random-entries-to-the-directory/33417\",\n \"keyChange\": \"https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/key-change\",\n \"meta\": {\n \"caaIdentities\": [\n \"letsencrypt.org
  8. Seems that Polycoms do not support wildcard certificates. Going to enable Let's Encrypt to test.
  9. Testing with a VVX311 and a VVX250. Both phones do not register after they provision if it's set to TLS. But changing it to UDP/TCP the phones register and work correctly. Thinking it's an issue with the certificate, but I don't know where to start looking. 0828145124|sip |4|00|MakeTlsConnection: SSL_connect error 1 0828145124|sip |4|00|MakeTlsConnection: connection failed error -1 0828145124|pps |4|00|[PpsHybridC::OnEvSipOnFetchRootCert] m_lineIdx[1], m_stsuri[], m_username[], m_domain[] 0828145124|copy |*|00|Server 'pbx.pbxsevilla.com' said 'prov/polycom/64167f8373a5-app.log' i
  10. I think it was version 2.x.x. I dont exactly remember, because I updated it, and now I can roll back in the Windows Store
  11. The new vodia app in the windows store, after I updated, it just goes in circles, and does not allow me to get past the first screen. Seems that the new app does not like the older version. Was testing it on version 65.0.10 and is crashing. But when I updated to 66.0 it works fine.
  12. Any news on this? I installed the latest Windows app, and also the latest release but still doesn't show up.
  13. How do you count how many SMS have been sent? Is there a SOAP option? Or a counter?
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