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One way (or no) sound for clients connecting with VPN


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My customer switched from an old pbxnsip installation to a new Vodia PBX (latest version) .

On the old installation, SIP clients running on phones/laptops connecting with VPN (IPSEC or OpenVPN/SSL) to the PBX's location had no issues with placing calls through the PBX. 

On the new installation, on the other hand, there's one way audio (IPSEC) or no audio (OpenVPN) . I suspect it has to do with NAT (rather than with VPN as such) because SIP clients on various LANs that are interconnected via IPSEC tunnels have no issues.

Any suggestions?

Note again: Things worked straight out of the box with the old pbxnsip, but it doesn't work on the new Vodia installation. 



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As it turned out, I had forgotten to put in all of the local networks in the IP Routing list under SIP settings.

Like this: (covers all private address spaces)[PBX private IP address][PBX private IP address][PBX private IP address][PBX public IP address]

The amazing and puzzling thing is that things worked at all from misc networks in the series before this change. 



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