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  1. Support

    Service down by too many open files?

    Hi, On the latest version of the PBX 61.0 and above you can set the recordings to get cleaned up after specified interval of times from this page: /reg_recording.htm If you're not on the latest then you can manually delete them from the recordings folder under the PBX directory for now.
  2. Support

    Service down by too many open files?

    Hi, Maybe this helps for one of your questions. If the open files are the issue then the restart time will not come down unless this gets fixed, but if you had a restart time of 5 minutes even before this issue occurred then you will have to upgrade your cores on your server running the PBX. Increasing the RAM, and / or space on the server should also help if you have a lot of CDR's or PCAPs or recordings that might be pulling the processing speed down.
  3. Hi, Thanks for notifying this to us. Developers will be reported about this.
  4. Hi, Which version did you find this on?
  5. Hi, You can add the extra 2-3 digits after 01153/4 if you know what those digits are already to make sure the prohibited and non-prohibited countries remain as such. We would suggest that you should take the advantage of the text option and copy paste them instead of the extended regex anyway. You can find extended regex anywhere online. For instance we found one of them here: https://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_64_0/libs/regex/doc/html/boost_regex/syntax/basic_extended.html hope this helps.
  6. Support

    CDR URL General Setting in Domain

    Ramesh, This is what the Admin was trying to refer to. Hope you get it now with the video attached. It will turn red again after refreshing the page, but if it works then it works. out4-2-2.ogv
  7. Support

    Call Pickup on Agent Group

    Hi, You can try putting that agent group in the "Explicitly specify pickup preference" field on that extension and see if that works.
  8. Support

    RTP Stream source

    Hi, You can always find an online converter that can do it for you. Make sure it's a safe and malware free.
  9. Support

    61.1 Blacklist

    Hi, Thank you for bringing that to our notice, but 61.1. is a test build and has not been fully developed. Please go back to 61.0 for this issue to not occur.
  10. Support

    Snom phones incorrectly provisions two identities

    We suppose the Admin meant the next version as in 61.0 or a later one. Might not be working on 61.0 and 61.1 as of now.
  11. Support

    ANI problem after upgrade to 61.1

    Hi,Please enter the regular expression: from-cell:ext-ani from-cell:ext-ani from-cell:dom-ani from-trunk:from acd-ani ext-ani trunk-prefix dom-ani trunk-ani in the regular ANI section of the trunk you sent below as shown in the image.
  12. Support

    SSL, SNOM and Wildcards

    Hi, You can send an email to support@vodia.com as well. These steps must have helped you to secure your web GUI of the PBX for you and your clients to be on green https. Snoms working on TLS will not be covered with those steps. For that we do have two certificates in our certificate chains on the PBX which the phone gets when it is provisioned, but maybe it didn't work for you. There you can use your wildcard certs.
  13. Support

    SSL, SNOM and Wildcards

    Hi, If you are installing the latest 61.0 version of our PBX then you wont need the wildcard certificates for your customer domains and your own domain as well. 1) Turn letsencrypt on from, reg_settings page under "ACME Directory URL" field. Then you should have valid certificates on the PBX. 2) Delete the "localhost" cert if you have it in your certificate list, refresh, clear the caches and try again. 3) For your own domain name go to the page "/reg_settings.htm" and enter the domain name in "System management DNS address" field and hard refresh the page. We also use two distinct certificates in our Certificates section for Snom phones in Trusted Root CA for server and Client authentication. But if they don't work for you, you can always use your own certs as well. You can check all the details from the SSL certificate description section itself, if that doesn't help, let us know and we can try to see if we can be of any help.
  14. Support

    one audio after on hold call (from isdn patton)

    Looks like after the unhold the signalling is not complete for RTP ports to open back up between the two parties. You can check the firewall on your router or if there are any audio settings on the Patton device itself. You can also refer to our doc on one way audio if it helps: https://doc.vodia.com/onewayaudio
  15. Support

    WebRTC from iPhone (latest iOS)?

    This has been put in the bucket list of the developers. No ETA as of now when they can start working on it.