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  1. Hi, We suppose you're referring to "call back " feature which you can find only on the Agent Group setting on the PBX as described here: https://doc.vodia.com/agentgroups (Please ctrl + F for "call back". The word has space in it.)
  2. Nothing is wrong with you, please just downgrade to 63.0.2 (http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.0.2.xml) version and it should be working again. These are intermediate builds and are always in work-in-progress condition. But we remember we had asked you to upgrade your IOP as we were testing that for some other reason.
  3. We also have a third party login option: https://doc.vodia.com/third_party
  4. Are you looking for this? https://doc.vodia.com/websocket Hope this helps.
  5. We suppose what we have currently is "{display-name}". Does that help?
  6. Yeah modifying the pbx.xml shall work.
  7. Not sure what you mean by the last update, but as we mentioned, the sales team can help with the test hosted license for this. If not, the NFR license should still be good for testing about rest of the features.
  8. Yes, hosted license is the strongest license that we have and if it was for Testing we usually give out NFR licenses which is the case here and is how the testing goes with us. You can always contact our sales team and request if they can give you a hosted license for month for testing or so. They might need your NFR key back as you're not looking for it anymore and give you this instead. You can either email sales@vodia.com or call us to get this going.
  9. If this is how your page looks like, why did you mention this "I see many vendors (Snom, Yealink etc...) but I do not see Zoiper." ? We thought your license is messed up and is having issues. Did you see that from one of our documents? (which is obviously not on your PBX again). You need a "hosted" license for this page to look like this (This is the remainder of the page that you pasted here for Hosted license holders). And you don't have that currently. You might need to buy one from us if you need this functionality.
  10. Yes, your programmer should look into it if you need that functionality. But it's really not that difficult. It's just one simple command in a loop of 100 or 1000 depending on number of DID's you want implemented. Google for simple bash script should get this sorted real soon.
  11. Send us a screenshot of your RPS page, /reg_pnp_settings.htm of everything after " Provisioning Server Redirection" field.
  12. Please use this API command to make new DID entries: (You have to fire this command from the terminal of your laptop) curl -u admin:password -D - http://pbx_ip_or_domain/rest/system/did -X POST -d "{'cmd':'add', 'did':'9999999', 'dom':'1', 'user':'2', 'outbound':'true'}" Everything else should be fairly self explanatory apart from these fields: "Dom" is the ID number of the domain (which you will have to find out before you begin to write API for the DID) which you can find using this: https://api.vodia.com/domains_lists_api (please crl + f for the word "id" to be more visible) "user" is the user to which you want to assign the DID to and that has an ID too. Which has to be found before hand using the same API page as above.
  13. Yes, this is not a Hosted license (you would've seen the word "Hosted" on this license page if it were) and that's the reason why you might not be seeing this, but you shouldn't have been able to see even other phone settings here as well. But this does look like the cause of your problem.
  14. Oh, the 32 bit build doesn't seem to exist for now. But do you have a hosted license? Don't paste the code here, just confirm if it's true.
  15. 1) There is no image attached here. 2) If it's not getting upgraded, then that might mean your license doesn't support that, which you can see from the admin level logs if it's set to webclient and webserver.
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