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  1. Support

    SSL, SNOM and Wildcards

    Hi, If you are installing the latest 61.0 version of our PBX then you wont need the wildcard certificates for your customer domains and your own domain as well. 1) Turn letsencrypt on from, reg_settings page under "ACME Directory URL" field. Then you should have valid certificates on the PBX. 2) Delete the "localhost" cert if you have it in your certificate list, refresh, clear the caches and try again. 3) For your own domain name go to the page "/reg_settings.htm" and enter the domain name in "System management DNS address" field and hard refresh the page. We also use two distinct certificates in our Certificates section for Snom phones in Trusted Root CA for server and Client authentication. But if they don't work for you, you can always use your own certs as well. You can check all the details from the SSL certificate description section itself, if that doesn't help, let us know and we can try to see if we can be of any help.
  2. Support

    one audio after on hold call (from isdn patton)

    Looks like after the unhold the signalling is not complete for RTP ports to open back up between the two parties. You can check the firewall on your router or if there are any audio settings on the Patton device itself. You can also refer to our doc on one way audio if it helps: https://doc.vodia.com/onewayaudio
  3. Support

    WebRTC from iPhone (latest iOS)?

    This has been put in the bucket list of the developers. No ETA as of now when they can start working on it.
  4. Support

    WebRTC from iPhone (latest iOS)?

    We still might have to look into this. But chrome on the Mac works for sure.
  5. Support

    Can't play mailbox greetings in v60 & v61

    We did wanted to give you 60.1 as it worked well for us on it. But as long as it's working for you now. Triangle click will be looked into. Thank you.
  6. Hi, Which version of the PBX are you on?
  7. Support

    Can't play mailbox greetings in v60 & v61

    Hi, Please upgrade to 60.1 and it should work fine. http://vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-60.1.xml
  8. Support

    PBX Integrate with exchange 2016

    Hi, Unfortunately, syncing the contacts from outlook is all we have for now.
  9. Support

    PBX Integrate with exchange 2016

    Hi, Here is the exchange server doc: https://vodia.com/doc/activesync
  10. Support

    ringtones.xml file on Domain Level

    Hi, Unfortunately, it is only on the Admin / global level now.
  11. Support

    CSTA Error On MakeCall

    Hi, Please check out this link: https://vodia.com/doc/csta_api_example and we do have other links for CSTA. You can access them via this link we provided by navigating further.
  12. Support

    Mailbox Feature Code

    For this you can either change how your dial plans should be used for calling out or dial the external number with a country code (even if local) so that the system knows that the call is going out.
  13. Support

    CSTA Error On MakeCall

    Hi, It was working on 60.0 for you and is not working on 61.x version?
  14. Support

    Scheduled Announcement

    Hi, Unfortunately, we don't offer that as of now, maybe it was left out of our bucket list somehow. Will try to re add to the list.
  15. Support

    Multicast Paging

    Hi, This is the document for configuring the routing. Look for "routing" on this page and for any other questions you can go through the rest of this document. https://vodia.com/doc/admin_sip_and_audio