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  1. 1) If you have agents in an Hunt group logged in2) And if you have this feature turned on.3) And if you have one of these agents set as a BLF button on an extension ( who's not the part of that Hunt Group)4) If an incoming call falls on that HG then you will be able to pick the call from the non-agent phone via the BLF button.
  2. Not sure if manually hard coding the highlighted part of the template is a solution here, but worth a try. This does it for the whole admin level, you can do similar on domain and extension level too.
  3. Yes, the web interface playback is fine for us.
  4. You can see all the registrations on a domain basis on this webpage on the PBX GUI: /dom_regs.htm
  5. Hi, This forum link should give you a more comprehensive idea of how you can set it up: https://forum.vodia.com/topic/15762-spam-scoring/ TrueCNAM can be your best bet to go with: https://forum.vodia.com/topic/16075-how-we-can-block-spam-calls/
  6. Hi, All the allowed LDAP settings that you can do via the PBX are on the webpage /reg_ports.htm If the phone allows you to set the LDAP password, then your best bet is to use web password that you've set under /dom_settings.htm webpage on the PBX.
  7. Hi, Here are the documentation links for them: 1) https://doc.vodia.com/login_with_google 2) https://doc.vodia.com/googlecontacts Hope these help.
  8. If they want this to be automatic then they can use service flags instead of the DND option.
  9. @Vodia PBX That does work, but looks like the system doesn't read the files itself. It says "To play the record"...."end of message" back to back with no records being played.
  10. Hi SRQ, Although we agree that documentation needs a touch up and a bit more appeal to it, but there is always a learning curve. Because we have a lot of features and functionalities, the data that goes in the text on the documentation is also huge and a little tedious sometimes But if you read through them a little slowly and try to implement it at the same time on the PBX, it all comes together. Having said that, what are the doc pages that you need to be more simpler and easier to understand?
  11. Maybe this feature might wants a look into it from our end. It might take a little while for us to visit, will update this thread as soon as our developers visit this topic.
  12. We needed to see if you're accessing the retired parts of the pages or the new ones, hence the question earlier. Can you send us the link of the page where you're seeing these pages being dead? Maybe this is a better question.
  13. Support

    Video Calls

    Hi, As long as the call begins with an Audio and ONLY THEN switches to a video, it should work after that point as your settings look in place. Yes Vodia doesn't entertain the call if it begins with Video itself, it has to switch from Audio to video ONLY. Only then it might work, which we understand may not be the option when dealing with an Intercom device. Unfortunately, we won't be able to get the Action URL option going from the Yealink's end or a XML button as well at this point.
  14. Hi, We made a few changes to the back end of the latest 63.1 (http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.1.xml) version for handling your scenario in a better manner. Can you please upgrade and test it, maybe it helps.
  15. Support

    Video Calls

    On our VP59 phone here we found it via googling and tapping over all the settings as seen in the image below.
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