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  1. Please re-enter your password on the admin level email settings and refresh the page. Let us know if that made an impact.
  2. We have it in our docs: https://doc.vodia.com/fax If you type anything that you're looking for in the search box on the left hand side on https://doc.vodia.com , documents containing it will pop up.
  3. In short, you're referring to Subnet of "/9" option, but unfortunately we don't have that. But you can go ahead and add all the IP addresses in it to be blocked.
  4. You haven't given anything in the "replacement" field yet. Hence we suggested you to slowly go through the doc previously. It has many info in the text and images both. And you have to select the call extension > Then add entries in Pattern and replacement > then disable it. Alternatively, there was also the "P" option that you're yet to try for the same.
  5. We don't provide this feature by default and hence you'll have to tweak it according to you. For NOT sending the star code you will have to add all the star codes in the dial plan specifically to be DISABLED. Check this link https://doc.vodia.com/domain_dialplans#Parts_of_a_Dial_Plan and Ctrl + F for "star codes" And similarly you can select the drop down for "call extension" and assign extensions to it and DISABLE that as well. Or maybe check the "P" box on those entries so that they'd need a code when dialing other extensions. Please go through the above link we provided for further very detailed ideas and explanations.
  6. You can try to enter the IP in the "alias" section of your domain on V PBX and also under the field "Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic" inside the trunk. Maybe that makes a difference.
  7. Duly noted. We're looking into it.
  8. Not sure about the embedded server as that would be a question for developers, but you can always restrict access via this webpage: /reg_access.htm on the PBX which is quite good on version 64.0.
  9. Where is your PBX installed (Public or Private network) and other details that you can share about this setup? And what is the error that you're facing currently with this scenario?
  10. That is what should happen with V PBX if you are the user and you call your own number. What else should it hit according to you? You can just "redirect" the call to an IVR where it'll play any greeting that you want. Create multiple IVR accounts and upload audios to that for every extension if you want to accomplish this with V PBX.
  11. Where is that DID assigned? GS PBX or V PBX? If you need the IVR to be hit, you have to send it to the IVR playing account on the V PBX.
  12. A voicemail is a personal message left for only that extension. Why should anyone else have access to it? Maybe your scenario is not very clear to us here.
  13. Would white-listing a whole block of subnet be a better solution that will last longer?
  14. Support

    User password

    If you're on the latest PBX version which is 64.0 it does send the password along. We just tested it.
  15. These are the hardware requirements that we have as of 2018. But with regards to OS, we don't suppose that would be a problem to run it on Windows server 2019. You can always get a test license from your portal and test it out just to be sure. Hardware+vodia+2018.pdf
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