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  1. It should be in a 8KHz, Mono, Wav, 16 bit format.
  2. Support


    Nope, you do not need a handset at all to make a call from the browser. That's the beauty of it. Just make sure you're logged into the browser (Chrome ONLY) via https and not http and make sure your license supports "webrtc calls" (it will say that on the /reg_status.htm page) and your firewall is open for all the SIP and RTP necessary ports on the router and on your laptop as well (infact take down the laptop firewall to make sure it's not hindering your call at all momentarily for testing). And make a call to another extension (if you have any provisioned / registered) or to your cell phone (given you have a trunk and a working dial plan set already) and hook up an earphone to your laptop and happy making calls.
  3. Instead of $a try $n. https://doc.vodia.com/recloc for more help.
  4. Can you send us the screenshot of that Agent group? There might be some error on your agent group settings. Or do you have logs for this? If you enter extensions in "Extensions that may log in or out (* for all)" field, then they will be able to log out as they please.
  5. Support


    What exactly are you referring to here? The app is just for android phones and not for Windows phones. Hope you didn't mean that. Also for Laptop users, Windows, Linux or Macs , we already have user portal as mentioned before. Which works just fine. Have you given that a try yet? 1) Can you send us a screenshot of what you see on that app to be filled? That'll fasten this process. 2) If that Device is SIP complaint and has not been made to work only for 3CX then it should work with AuthID being the account name or the account number. 3) Also "account_number@domain_name" or "account_name@domain_name" can also be one of the accepted formats for the username.
  6. Support


    Or maybe you can just use our Vodia User portal or try out the new webrtc portal that we've come up with (about to release within weeks). We also have Android app since a few years now.
  7. Support


    Yes that is correct. The AuthID on the latest version of Vodia PBX is the MAC address of the device. We suppose if you downgrade the PBX to version 57.0 or lower the AuthID might still be the account number, which you can give it a go.
  8. Please use this link and IF it's an IOP then reboot the device: http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.0.5.xml
  9. Can you try the username as the mac address?
  10. The date format you mentioned should work, but we will give that a second look.
  11. Support


    If that soft phone is a standalone piece of software that can be used with any PBX, then all you need is the Account number, domain name, and SIP password that is needed to be setup on the extension level of the PBX for it to work. But if it's auto-generated as you mentioned, then we don't think it's manufactured to work with all the PBX's. Just a FYI.
  12. Hi, 1) You can try to switch to http instead of https and try it. 2) The username and password are the one that you set on the domain settings > Provisioning parameter. Make sure you're entering that.
  13. Could you upgrade and try this on 63.0.4 (http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.0.4.xml) ? There were many changes that were made on this latest version.
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