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  1. Your phone model itself might be having that feature. What make and model is that?
  2. We're sorry, the ringers can only be categorized as internal or external calling party, at this point from the drop down section. It cannot be personalized.
  3. Support

    Error 99

    If you're provisioning the phone, then it has to be something like this.
  4. You can open up a ticket about it on vodia.zammad.com and attach the file there
  5. Let us wait to hear back from ConnectWise about this, because there would be no logs that you can send which will help you explain this to us further right? If yes, please send it over. Also what version of PBX are you seeing this?
  6. Hi, You're referring to sending the queued AG calls on-the-go to some other extensions without using any of the options that we gave, then we don't think it is possible at this moment. This looks like a feature request.
  7. OK, we should've added this with our point that, this cannot be done, if there are no agents logged onto the ACD. Other option that can be done is by using "explicitly specify pick up preference" inside the external extensions. These extensions can just press *87 and pick up the AG calls and queue manager cannot do anything about it (those extensions have to be proactive about it). OR In the AG itself you can assign the call to to go to selected extensions if the call has rang more than XX secs.
  8. For that the queue manager will always have to be logged in into the User portal > ACD > ACD of his choice. And from there it's just a process as shown here: https://doc.vodia.com/wac
  9. If you're on the older user portal then you should be able to drag and drop the call as a queue manager.
  10. Support

    No Audio

    Try: Make sure your private network and subnet that you gave are correct ( we based our reply on that)
  11. It's Debian64, but shouldn't make a difference though.
  12. We replicated your agent group's setting here and everything is still the same. It works for us. We tried both 20 and 30 secs. You're sure you're not redirecting any of your extensions right?
  13. So we retry this at every 30 secs now ? Instead of 20 or 361 secs that you mentioned earlier?
  14. You mentioned that you saw this happen every 20 secs to we let it ring for 40 something secs. Fine, we'll make it ring longer this time. And then try to pick the call. We have both Snom's here.
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