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  1. Hi, This is the latest Android app download URL is here Please keep checking this space if you have any issues with it. Appreciate your feedback.
  2. Yeah, those german texts are being looked into. Please go ahead and test other modules of the app as of now. German texts will be handled shortly.
  3. I am getting regularly reminder mails for updating software maintenance. 

    How can I delete licences? Some clients have closed their business.

    1. Support


      You can directly contact hh@vodia.com and they can cancel the licenses for you.

  4. We don't have a ringtone setting on Auto-attendant for the obvious reasons. But you can also change the ringtone on the extension level.
  5. So why is the "Ring melody" setting not helping you?
  6. It is a stable release. if you face any issues with it, please let us know and we can provide an update to you regarding it. The document still needs to be written about this version as it was freshly created.
  7. Can you check if you're facing the same issue on the Ubuntu App: http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/app/lin/VodiaPhone1.2.5.AppImage
  8. We're aware about this issue. Let us get back to you on this.
  9. We saw the video, thanks for that. We tried the same scenario on 65.0.6 (unfortunately we upgraded before we saw this thread and can't go back as it's an overwritten test build) and it worked just fine. We can send a video too, to demonstrate it from our end. Did you edit any of the customized template which deals with front end? Maybe welcome.htm file on the PBX? or your browser might be facing issues? Please clear the cache and try again from the incognito window (we see that you were on incognito in ).
  10. ACME Directory URL & DNS provider: The PBX now supports generating X.509 certificates using the ACME protocol through HTTP and DNS challenges. When using the HTTP challenge, the system must be on a public IP address and it must use port 80. When using the DNS challenge, the DNS must have access to the DNS provider (currently DNSMadeEasy is supported). When adding a domain, the PBX will attempt to create the DNS entry for the new domain and issue a certificate for the domain. A few days before the certificate expires, the PBX will then attempt to reissue the certificate. When a domain gets deleted, the PBX will attempt to delete the DNS entry. It is now also possible to define a DNS name for the system. The PBX will also attempt to generate a certificate for this DNS address, so that the management access to the system can be done through a properly encrypted HTTPS connection. If you've had the PBX with domains having FQDN attached on them, and if you turn on this feature, these domains will acquire the certificate as well. No need to delete the domains and import them again.
  11. Hi, 1. You have to be on 65.0.5 version for trying teams out. 2. Please try the code as 5TR-YTE-AMS-MAY 3. Please check the below video to know the complete installation steps.
  12. Can you post some screenshots of exactly what is not working for you?
  13. When you make a query to open up any random website (hence http request) Maybe with http it is not null. For e.g. http://vodia.com
  14. Alright, so your content length might be really 0. But it is sending it to the desired server? How about when you send a Http packet to it? Is the length still 0?
  15. Out logs may not give you the full idea, whereas the system level wireshark trace might, in your case.
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