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  1. Hi, How to blacklist particular number in Vodia

  2. App code could not be generated error on any extension with the Software Version 68.0.20

    Capture Vodia.PNG

  3. You just need to have a provisioning phone for that extension account and set it to "desktop" mode on user portal and start making calls.
  4. Please check the logs on the admin level of the PBX. If the logs have "anonymous" or "unknown" , "hidden" etc. kind of caller-ID in it that means that PBX tried to hide the outgoing ID. But according to the laws that the trunk carrier follows, it may not be be allowing it from its your end.
  5. If you can set the ring time for his ext to be lesser than the time before his cell's VM gets hit, the call should move along ahead. Or you can add him as the last agent to be called if no one else picks up? Serves kind of managerial role as well?
  6. It's the time the agent was idle for.
  7. Unfortunately, nothing as of now. Only a few changes can be monitored from under the "/dom_ext3.htm" registration tab of the extensions.
  8. Can you please add an image of the issue here? Can you make sure you don't have any webpage customizations that are affecting this?
  9. Those icons are for "available for chatting" We do have red circle on the name if they're on a call. Blank if available via anything, user portal / app/ desktop phone etc. Actual status can be seen from under the registration tab as to what they're registered via. If the user is registered via an app and not via the desktop phone and adding a gray color for that can be confusing. We've kept it uniform, the colors are only for chat availability. For calls, if they're not on DND (DND symbol) or already in a call (red circle), they can be called.
  10. 401 are usually authentication requirements that is always seen in the logs. Could you paste the admin level logs for "trunk" set to level 9 and call messages on here? Do you have a dial plan set in the PBX and the Teams for it to go through? Teams dial plans takes hours to get working is what we've experienced numerous times on Teams side.
  11. This seems like a feature request at this time. We will update this thread if things change in the future.
  12. Can you make an outbound call using the wired headsets? Can you check if the web app / user portal has enough permission give to the wired headset? Do you face the same problem on a different laptop logging into the same user portal?
  13. If that is the case, please reset the certificates and also try to generate new LE certs for the domains that have expired certs on them. And recreate the cert by turning off and on of the ACME Let's encrypt (LE) setting.
  14. Support

    Code not found

    Is this the setting you're looking for?
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