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  1. Your provisioning server address should be PBX's address (and that too only if it's PBX IP address and not it's domain name). Have you entered Yealink's RPS server's address on the PBX in that field?
  2. That depends on the headset. You can also pick it up from the App itself.
  3. Hi, Please upgrade the PBX to 65.0 and try this again.
  4. Support

    Attendant Transfer

    We're working on it currently. Will update this thread ASAP.
  5. 1. Can you change the source from "2*" to just "*" ? 2. Why are you dialing 800# ? Is dialing just 800 not working? 3. Have you provisioned the phones AFTER you made all the multicast setting on the PBX? If not, can you please make the above changes and provision few of the phone to try out again? 4. Also, if PBX and phones are on the same LAN, you can even turn on the LAN prov.
  6. Support


    Hi, Have you given all the permissions to your windows client? Please re-check them.
  7. Can you upgrade the Visual studio package on this server? 2013 VC++ ?
  8. How to upgrade to 65.0 files: Assuming your system is 64 bit. Can you: 1. Download http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/win64/pbxctrl-v65.0-64.exe , rename it to pbxctrl.exe (if it's 32 bit, replace 64 with 32 in this link) 2. Download http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/dat/pbxctrl-65.0.dat, rename it to pbxctrl.dat 3. Install the msvcr120.dll and opus.dll downloadable from here: https://doc.vodia.com/install_win Replace the existing files (.exe and .dat in your current working directory on your server) with both of these files, and restart the service?
  9. Hi, Can you please try to install this package and then upgrade to 65.0 from there? For Windows 32, the current location is http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/win32/pbxctrl-v62.0-32.zip For Windows 64, the current location is http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/win64/pbxctrl-v62.0-64.zip The Windows version should be updated with Visual studio and we've added that in our latest version to be supported regardless.
  10. Have you entered a dial plan similar to this in your settings? 95;Callcentric;;+32*;01132*;;false
  11. You can manage that from the "Privacy indicator" as shown below. You can also Block the CID with *68 and then dialling the number.
  12. Yes if you can upgrade to 65.0 once again it will take you to the 65.0.10 version automatically.
  13. Hi, Are you logging into the PBX via https?0 If yes, are you scanning the QR code from the web / user portal on the iPhone? What error are you facing?
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