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    Pickup calls in answered state

    Call barge in would be the best bet for now. As soon as the RA hears that the manager is on the call, he/she can hang up or excuse themselves from the call. As the transfer is done by the source and cannot be forced by the destination callee, this is the only way to go with it for now.
  2. Support

    Call Stuck in Active Calls

    If you're on the latest version which is 62.0.1, this issue disappears after a certain amount of time. It still has to be fixed though, but it does disappear in a few hours.
  3. Support

    ANI problem after upgrade to 61.1

    Hi, We dug up one of the strings that worked for us previously: from-cell:ext-ani from-cell:dom-ani from-trunk:from acd-ani ext-ani trunk-prefix dom-ani trunk-ani Please try it out.
  4. Support

    Cisco 504G and Cisco-CP-8851-3PCC

    Its working on our server here. Make sure it's not a K9 model and only 3PCC. What do your TLS logs say from PBX admin level?
  5. Support

    Button Template for SPA5xx series?

    Hi, Thank you for bringing this to our notice. This request has been forwarded to the developers.
  6. Support

    Personal address book

    Hi, You turned on the admin level logs and set everything to level 9 right? Even then, nothing while the phone tries to fetch files?
  7. Support

    Personal address book

    Hi, yealink_favorite.xml is a separate file that will be sent to the phone.
  8. Support

    Bind to MAC

    Which means your mac address has been entered on some other domain or some other extension already. If it is just a glitch on the GUI and you are sure that the MAC has not been added somewhere else, then you can simply find that mac address in the usr/local/pbx/macs (default linux path) folder and delete that MAC from there. Look for "macs" folder in your default directory. Could be C://Vodia networks/Vodia PBX/macs for you (don't exactly remember as I use Linux here).
  9. Support

    FreshBook Integration

    In that case, it might actually be a bug and hence 5.2.5 was introduced to fix it. So on and so forth. You can always upgrade, as developers won't be working on that build anymore.
  10. Support

    FreshBook Integration

    Hi, Try this: https://portal.vodia.com/en/freshbooks
  11. Support

    Snom phones incorrectly provisions two identities

    The latest release is of 62.0 version.
  12. Support

    Provision logo on Yealink phones

    If you want to do it for a group of phones, then you will have to do it separately on the extension level of each phone. "Group" as such isn't defined on the PBX.
  13. Support

    Provision logo on Yealink phones

    Hi, 1. It can be either, as long as it's resolvable and enabled for your phone to reach. 2. Look for "Customize" section on Extension, Domain and Admin level. We have shared a screenshot from the extension level.
  14. Support

    Provision logo on Yealink phones

    Hi, Not sure about the 22 and 28P model but we do have the entry for 29G model and it should be in this format: #Configure wallpaper {if_model T29G T46G T38G T32G} wallpaper_upload.url = {http-url}/logo-480x272.jpg phone_setting.backgrounds = Config:logo-480x272.jpg {fi_model} So please keep it in this format and remove .dob file settings from there and it should work as it currently works on our T58 model sitting on our desk.
  15. Support

    Provision logo on Yealink phones

    Hi, For the web interface please use a SVG image. This will make sure that your logo will appear clear on all devices. For the provisioning of VoIP phones, please upload an image with a high resolution. The system will resize it according to the needs to the device. Just be sure that you're on the latest 61.1 and the rest will be taken care of by the PBX.
  16. Hi, We don't have Skype for Business as of now and might not have a plan in the near future to include it. We do now support ActiveSync, Zoho and SalesForce CRM now.
  17. Support

    can not provision polycom spi320

    Hi, Make sure your Plug and Play settings look like the image attached and also switch to TCP/UDP and try again. What's the error that you're getting?
  18. Support

    can not provision polycom spi320

    Hi, Like we mentioned earlier, you cannot manually upload files. Which exact phone are you getting that error for?
  19. Support

    can not provision polycom spi320

    Hi, Do you mean Auto provision via the RPS server or manually? All other customers are able to manually provision almost all the polycom and GXP models except for some like soundstation ip 5000. Also try switching to TCP or UDP and try provisioning again. Look into the logs for each to know what would be blocking it from registering.
  20. Support

    can not provision polycom spi320

    Hi, If you're on the latest 61.1, we've added the new polycom phones that we support on there, so you would be able to provision it. You cannot manually add the XML file anywhere on the PBX.
  21. Support

    User portal issues

    Hi, Yes, we've noticed them. Thanks for letting us know anyway. This will be forwarded to developers.
  22. Support

    Edit templates doesn't work, maybe!?

    Hi, You won't be able to customize the username password section from there as it is either system generated or you can set it as advised earlier in this thread. Hence we don't allow to change that part of the template, rest sections of the template can be edited and saved though.
  23. Hi, Try this API: curl -u admin:password -D - http://<PBX_IP:Port>/rest/domain/<domain_name>/user_settings/<conf_account> -X POST -d "{'pin':'2222','upin':'3333'}"
  24. Support

    Service down by too many open files?

    Hi, On the latest version of the PBX 61.0 and above you can set the recordings to get cleaned up after specified interval of times from this page: /reg_recording.htm If you're not on the latest then you can manually delete them from the recordings folder under the PBX directory for now.