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  1. Have you turned on the Video setting on your Yealink phone? If yes, give us a call on Tel: +1 (617)-446-1399 and we can discuss this further.
  2. We can assure you, that we've actually tried the video call between 2 Yealinks and it has worked for us ONLY after we manually enabled the Video setting on the phone (you can quickly find that too). Before manually turning it on, we weren't getting a Video call option on the phone. Please turn it on and test this again and you can see the difference in the logs (if nothing else). If all the codecs are turned on, on the PBX's end, there is no other setting that needs to be turned on for this to work.
  3. On the yealink phones you have to manually turn it on. And then you should be able to see two options on every call.
  4. Hi, You would need to start the call as an audio call and then switch to video. Please let us know if that works. That's how the SIP negotiations would work.
  5. Hi, The doc we were referring to on the call: https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_branches
  6. Is this dial plan a global dial plan? If not, then it has to be (if the dial plans are in different domains).
  7. Can you explain more as to what does "old dial plan" mean? By any chance are the dial plan names same, which maybe causing this issue? We tested this on our end on 65.0.9 (according to 65.0.8 there were no changes in the dial plan settings as such) and it worked as expected.
  8. Hi, Maybe the page doesn't auto reload; only if you leave and go back there (for the Desktop app). And the web is behind on few updates - hence the difference. One with the red status is the latest. Desktop app is ahead of the Web interface. The update is coming soon to the web too.
  9. The file should be in: Wav, 8KHz, Mono, 16 Bits format only.
  10. Do you have a FQDN address mapped to your Public IP for the PBX on AWS? If yes, then all you need to do is open your ports 80 and 443 and turn on the "ACME Directory URL" setting on /reg_settings.htm page on the PBX and then just wait for sometime for it to get the certificate. Try to log off and log back in with https into the PBX and see if you've gotten a certificate.
  11. Yes that will be covered in the upcoming builds (we suppose)
  12. We just tried it on our local test system and it worked fine with the "Group Pickup" button on Snom, Yealink and Grandstream phone. Pbx Version 65.0.8 All we did was add all the extensions that you want to monitor under "Explicitly specify pickup preference" section and add a button on the same phone, and everytime someone calls these buttons, the buttons starts to blink and can pick up then. *87 is a lengthier way of achieving the same scenario, but that worked for us as well.
  13. Agent (user) and managers are different. For agents the one that we mentioned above is true. And it will update dynamically. If the user is added to a new ACD and is logged in, and when they refresh their User portal page, they will see the new ACD there. For managers: Add them to "Permissions to monitor this account" section and add a BLF button for those ACDs on manager's extension. And they can see the BLF's blinking when ACD gets the call. But if they want to monitor them from their User portal then just add them in "Permissions to monitor this account" and turn on "Manage Agent Groups" from under their Registration section, and they can now monitor them WITHOUT being a part of that ACD. Also, You can go to ACD on user portal and right click on those ACD (as a manager explained above) and choose to Join that ACD.
  14. Can you tell us where are you going to be assigning these 50 DIDs on the system? Can you assign all of them to the same Hunt Group (because one can) and then we can talk about adding one more settings in the drop-down menu of "From-header" for you?
  15. Hi, Update: 1. Take the "agent" ext number off of "Permissions to monitor this account" 2. Add that agent in "Primary agents" section. 3. Make sure this agent is logged in, into this ACD. 4. Then go to the user portal and try this scenario. They should now see the ACDs only which they're a part of and are logged in.
  16. This is where your issue lies. You have to be on https, and it will work thereafter.
  17. We're working on this currently. Maybe a new version has to be introduced for fixing it. Will keep you updated.
  18. Can you send us the System admin login to your PBX via private message?
  19. You have to: 1. Unset that. 2. Set the ext number in the "Permissions to monitor this account" section on the wanted ACDs. That should just work for you on 65.0.8 that you're on. Unless you have any customized files which might be causing issues.
  20. Please make sure this is "unset" for them.
  21. It does show all of them, but they cannot access it. Try to click on them, it won't function.
  22. Unfortunately, it's only available on the store.
  23. Hi, 1. We suppose you're using https for the user portal 2. Is the mic / speaker access been allowed to the user portal (via the pop up options that it gives) ? 3. Are you able to hear the other party and calls are being completed fine? 4. Please switch to incognito window on Chrome to try this too. You can always generate ringbacks from the trunk settings if the Trunk isn't providing it, from under our trunk settings.
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