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  1. Hi Suri, We agree about the first part of the message and agree with it. Where exactly do you find the "Billing Settings" of the domain setting so that we can reproduce that as well? Just tell us the URL of the PBX GUI.
  2. Support

    Call Stats

    Hi, Which version did you face this issue on? Build version and date?
  3. The pattern in the DTMF matching field in the IVR node account that you're referring to.
  4. Hi, So what is the issue with using park orbit as suggested before? Alternatively you can also use "Explicitly specify pickup preference" (or known as pick up group as mentioned before) option which is explained here "https://doc.vodia.com/extensions"
  5. Hi, By share line you mean two extensions using the same extension number right? You can try the pickup group option. And if that doesn't work then it looks like a feature request on either Cisco's end or Vodia's end.
  6. It's a Panasonic IP PBX.
  7. We integrated it a few years back for the community version. But I believe they have discontinued that and it seems they have also significantly changed the API model. So whereas it worked then, it will probably not work now and may actually have to be done again from scratch, which will not happen soon IF we decide to add it again.
  8. Support

    Call Stats

    Hi, Have you checked the midnight CDR report that we generate daily? And the setting for this will be found under domain settings. You can read about that here: https://doc.vodia.com/domain_settings#Midnight_Events
  9. Hi, Yes, we'll try to keep up with that in our release notes from ahead.
  10. Hi Christof, We are aware of this issue and are currently engaged with it. We will update this thread ASAP. We have 62.1 right now, if you'd like to give that a go.
  11. Alright, let's try this: Logout from Admin level and login into your user portal mode ONLY via incognito mode ONLY. This happens with us as well sometimes, but it's always a cached entry, or a dead session. Also you can try to login from your chrome on your cell phone or from a colleagues desk. Also make sure your chrome browser is on the latest build: Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  12. Hi, This image means that your call never went through. Can you please try to make a call from an incognito window of the chrome browser and let us know if that works for you?
  13. Hi, If you're asking about the email settings is it? Then that is attached. There is no certificate required for this whatsoever.
  14. Hi, Whichever OS you're on please upgrade to 62.0.3 as these issues are fixed there. All you have to do is enter the number is PBX accepted format and press enter and it'll make a call. You can call using that button and hang up button is differently placed above it.
  15. All he wants to do is receive emails when no one picks up the call on that hunt group right? Just turn on the setting: "Send email about missed calls to" on the Hunt group and enter Boss' email there and you should be all set right?
  16. Hi, You can use a "Make messages available in the following mailboxes" setting available in the mailbox section on an extension level. You will have to do that setting on all 4 extensions and you can choose 2 of your extensions to send the email, or just use one ext to send 2 emails. Email setting would be "abc@d.com;paper@doc.com"
  17. OK, because except for that everything else is empty. Console, network both empty. Chris, do you see any logs that you can share?
  18. It will create it on a FQDN domain name. So generally that is the Primary name that is assigned. Or you can try to turn off the letsencrypt setting and turn it on again.
  19. Might be a solution you can try when the system is not having any calls: You can try to download the tar file of the domain, delete the domain and put it back. This can be one of the ways.
  20. What version of the PBX are you on? We have a 62.0.3 out right now on which Snom 735 and 785 both should be provisioning on TLS just fine.
  21. Hi, Yes it means the Bria Stretto software on the phone. Here are the steps to set it up: https://doc.vodia.com/counterpath
  22. Hi, Yes our latest PBX has the ability to have the ID of the recording on it and from the console logs it looks like this: https://xxx.vodia.com/rest/domain/xxx.vodia.com/recs?id=593480 So if you're on the latest 62.0.2 version, the links should work as you are imagining. And this is our new PBX API page: https://api.vodia.com/admin_cdr_api
  23. Call barge in would be the best bet for now. As soon as the RA hears that the manager is on the call, he/she can hang up or excuse themselves from the call. As the transfer is done by the source and cannot be forced by the destination callee, this is the only way to go with it for now.
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