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  1. What does the admin level logs for "trunk" say ? Look for the word "using" that says which ANI it's using to go out. And modify Regular ANI as such by adding "from:orig-ani cell:orig-ani" instead to it? Here are the various list that we have to try from: https://doc.vodia.com/docs/trunk-ani
  2. Do you have a ticket open with us regarding this? Did you try this via user portal instead of the windows app? Does that work?
  3. Yes name of your tenant should suffice (if it's a FQDN)
  4. The transcriptions happens over the email. Were you able to see them on the App before?
  5. You mean the iOS app is not letting you see the transcriptions? or send one?
  6. Yes the left hand panel is for monitoring only at this point. So your process is correct.
  7. Not sure if the image that is attached is blurred, as we don't see any errors here to tell more. Seems like your login credentials are incorrect into the Zoho account?
  8. In the "regular ANI rule" field on the outgoing trunk set it to "from:orig-ani" and see if that helps. Also in the custom headers have you set the "from" to "based on incoming call" already?
  9. Can you please try the same on these: macOS: http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/app/mac/VodiaPhone-4.0.0.dmg Linux - http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/app/lin/VodiaPhone-4.0.0.AppImage Windows .exe - http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/app/win/VodiaPhone-4.0.1.exe
  10. You can always just dial the service flag number from your app to set / unset your service flag directly.
  11. We're not supporting safari browser at the moment. Please only use Chrome and / or the iOS app that is already out there.
  12. Is this a local call that your trunk will not charge you for? Even if it's a small amount?
  13. Could you turn on the camera on the phone and scan in either of these situations and see if the URL pops up both times?
  14. Are you looking for this: /reg_billing.htm ?
  15. You can devise an API for the same.
  16. We have taken care of this setting on the intermediate beta build here which will be rolled out into 68.0. 68.0 should be out before the end of next week, if all seems fine at that point.
  17. We're looking into the Android and the other apps at the moment. Not exactly sure if this topic was touched yet, but will let you know if it's fixed / feature has been added.
  18. We will add this to our bucket list for the future releases.
  19. Well, the PCAP says it failed but not why it did. Looks like Telnyx can tell more about this since it's 500 from their side?
  20. Hit the "reset" button at the bottom of : /reg_certificate.htm page on the PBX and try this again.
  21. Can you attach a screenshot of where you see this setting on the PBX?
  22. Here: https://doc.vodia.com/docs/activesync
  23. It depends on one's usage. Some PBX are not very high on the usage for it to be stopped and also mostly everyone takes a backup everyday, so stopping the service is not needed / possible. But yes, we get the point. Thanks.
  24. For this to happen, you have to make sure that your calls via the trunks are landing on the auto attendant. And then go ahead and test this.
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