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  1. We would look further into this and update this thread ASAP.
  2. Makes more sense now. Would this setting be on any help at this point? Explained more here: https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_settings#Trunks_Routing_Redirection (Ctrl + F for "failover" on here)
  3. You can set the max number of call for the domains (when you click on the edit button next to the name of the domain when you enlist them) would that work?
  4. Would this work for now: http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/app/win/VodiaPhone-3.2.0.msi ?
  5. 1. Please make sure you're on the latest 66.0.7 version which should be from February 2021 2. Go to the certificates section on the Admin portal > Select all> Reset 3. Try the transcription again.
  6. This should be working on the latest version, but we will try the Microsoft exchange once again and update this thread.
  7. Where have you added the DID number to which the SMS is being sent? Could you assign it to an extension and see if it's app / user portal got that SMS?
  8. Yes, we're aware of this issue. Thanks for the input Will let you know once it is fixed.
  9. You can turn the "Connections per address without authentication" to disabled.
  10. We have a new build available which is 3.5.3 out which you should try. Can you download it from here: https://businessstore.microsoft.com/en-us/store/details/vodia-phone/9NTKSQFKC1ZT
  11. You can open up a ticket (recommended method) on vodia.zammad.com or send an email via support@vodia.com.
  12. Under /reg_security.htm , for the "TLS max version" setting, can you try to set it to the highest version available and try this again on 66.0.7?
  13. On the latest 66.0.7 version, we have a ringtone capability added. Please take backup of your current system before upgrading.
  14. This wasn't a problem for us on 66.0.6. How are you trying to enter the user portal? Please let us know your step by step guide. You can use dummy names here, but let us know exact details. You can also email us your test account details and we can test it on your system.
  15. It's just "admin" and blank password for first time login users.
  16. Could you please take a back up and then move to 66.0.7 and let us know if that solves it?
  17. Could you switch the App to work on wifi and make sure that these ports https://doc.vodia.com/vodia_ports are open on your firewall and then make the external call and see if that helps? Please use Chrome browser when dealing with the PBX as Safari has a lot of bugs that we discovered over time.
  18. Hi, There isn't a way for us to accomplish that as that is not possible in the SIP world. You have to hold the call, dial *52 and then press "transfer".
  19. This is what those fields are. Maybe your translations are messed up. Please try to switch browsers and / or go to /reg_translation.htm , turn it on, save it turn it off save it and see if that solves the problem. We're aware of the "Can see calls of the domain" problem, will update this thread once it's fixed.
  20. You need to create one on vodia.zammad.com
  21. This might help more: https://doc.vodia.com/vodia_ports
  22. If possible can you please take a snapshot of the PBX and upgrade to the latest version 66.0.7 which maybe have fixed an issue with Google's API. Here's the update http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-66.0.7.xml
  23. It's the "Auth PIN" that you have to enter on the Vodia PBX to be later used on Snom's GUI after it's provisioned.
  24. Could you give us the details / screenshots of the error that you see? What is the PBX version that you're on?
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