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i am trying to create an extension in snomONE pbx. After creating an extension, MAC address is not appearing. 

If i enter a perticular mac address in bind to mac it is not getting saved instead it is returning to the previous state “blank or some other mac”

For example if i insert the mac addres  000413XXXX23 it is not getting saved. If I change it to 000413XXXX32 — “32 instead of 23” it is getting saved.

Same thing is happening with few other mac address as well.

Please help



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Which means your mac address has been entered on some other domain or some other extension already. If it is just a glitch on the GUI and you are sure that the MAC has not been added somewhere else, then you can simply find that mac address in the usr/local/pbx/macs (default linux path) folder and delete that MAC from there. Look for "macs" folder in your default directory. Could be C://Vodia networks/Vodia PBX/macs for you  (don't exactly remember as I use Linux here).

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