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2 lines on one port


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Hello, I am working on getting a Grandstream HT802 configured and working with our vodia. I have it provisioned and working. I have a 2 line analog phone connected to the Grandstream HT802. I am curious if there is a way to put 2 lines on one of the analog ports?


The scenario: I have a 2 line cordless phone with 2 handsets, port 1 on the phone shows Line1/2 and port 2 shows line 2. I want to put 2 lines on port 1 coming from the Grandstream ATA. What I want to have happen is when one of the phones is in use and a second call comes in I want it to ring the other phone. (currently the handset being used beeps when the second  call comes in) Im not sure if this is possible, but I thought I would ask.


If this wont work, the second scenario would be to have both FXS ports configured with Vodia. Currently when it provisions it only provisions FXS1. Is there a way to have Vodia provision both ports(FXS1 and FXS2)? If so can I have it provision with 2 extensions? (example: FXS 1 provisions with ext 100 and FXS2 provisions with ext 101). If it cant then I don’t see much point to selling 2-8 port ATA’s.


Is there a better ATA that we can do this with if the Grandsteams wont do this?


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