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CLIP no screening using Easybell trunk


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I have an Easybell-Trunk and Vodia Version: 62.0.3 

To display the ANI ef the extensions I selected in the Easybell Trunk-configuration P-Asserted-Identity.

In Vodia dom_ext.htm I gave a special ANI to the extension starting with 49631 (Coutry prefix and local prefix)

In dom_trunk_edit.htm I selected:

CLIP Standard/Anzeige von Nummern: P-Asserted-Identity

but it doesn't work. I changed most other parameters without success.

Any idea? Thanks Andreas

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Here the complete configuration:

#Trunk 2
analog: false
behind_nat: false
cobusy: 500 Line Unavailable
codec_lock: true
codecs: 18 9 0 8
dial_extension: !49631343178([0-9]+)$!\1!u!00
dialplan: 1
dis: false
domain: 1
dtmf: false
earlymedia: true
expires: 3600
failover: never
fraction: 128
from_source: pai
global: true
hd: {rfc}
hf: {from}
hpai: {trunk}
hpr: {if clip true}id{fi clip true}
hru: {request-uri}
ht: {to}
ignore_18x_sdp: false
interoffice: false
minimum: 10
minor: 300 s
name: Easybell
outbound_proxy: sip:sip.easybell.de
pcap: false
prack: true
prefix: 49631343178
redirect: false
reg_account: 0049631343178
reg_display: Easybell
reg_registrar: sip.easybell.de
reg_user: 0049631343178
remote_party: 4963193183
rfcrtp: false
ring180: false
rtcpxr: false
rtp_begin: 20000
rtp_end: 50000
sip_port: 5061
status: 200 OK
tel: false
trusted: true
type: register
use_epid: false
use_history: false
use_uuid: false
uuid: urn:uuid:c57c369e-3024-4a15-b3d1-c3703568d0a8


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Easybell anwer:

Wir haben Ihre Störungsmeldung geprüft. Die Ursache ist eine fehlerhafte Konfiguration Ihrer Telefonanlage.  
Die UPN (User Provided Number / gewünschte CLIP Rufnummer) wird derzeit im From-User Part des SIP-Invites übermittelt. In diesem Feld muss jedoch die NPN (Network Provided Number / Stammrufnummer) übermittelt werden, damit der Anruf richtig geroutet werden kann.
Ihre Telefonanlage kann die gewünschte UPN in einem der folgenden vier Felder hinterlegen:
- P-Asserted-Identity
- P-Preferred-Identity
- From-Display
- Remote Party ID


I configured Vodia dom_trunk_edit.htm to use P-Asserted-Identity for CLIP number. Why is it not used??

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When you set up the trunk, did you use the easybell drop down? That should contain all the headers the right way. The important part is this:

      hf: <sip:{trunk-account}@sip.easybell.de>
      hpai: {from}
      hru: {request-uri}
      ht: <{request-uri}>
      hpr: {if clip true}id{fi clip true}

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Thnx a lot! I got it work. Because I did first installation with Vodia 57 or so there was no trunk wizard in the past to chose Easybell.

I removed the trunk and created the new one using the wizard. But I had to add hpai: {from} in the text mode because this parameter was not set.

Now it's working 🙂

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