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Edit provisioning Templates xml and Bug in provisioning


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I'm on vodia V63 with debian 9.9.

I found a bug in the provisioning. If you change http or https port from standard port 80 or 443 provisioning stop to working correctly.

In my case i provisioned a Snom 710 with standard port 80. Then i change http port to 8090. Deleted mac address bid to extension, reset the phone. This result in provisioning fault. Restoring port http 80 all start to working good. I think this is a possible bug. Then I install new clean PBX: i do same test changing http port to 8090 directly before provisioning: same result: provisioning fail. This is my fisrt problem.

Second problem is that i need to modify standard provisioning template to change phone standard beahaviour for some parameters. Were are located in a linux debian environment .xml provisioning files ? I search in all folders under usr/local/pbx without result.

Last question is about reprovisioning phones. I cannot find command to send reprovisioning command in case we need to change BLF or bottoms.

Thank you in advance


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When you provision the phone for the first time, it sets the address for the PBX - including the port number. If you change the port number, well, it will become unavailable. What you can do is to keep the old port open (e.g. use "8080 80" in the HTTP port settings). 

You can change the templates from the web interface (/reg_texts.htm):


You can do this on system, domain and extension level. But usually you don't have to do that, just set the general parameter for the phones (reg_pnpparm.htm).


When you change buttons the PBX automatically sends a re-provision request to the phone. You can manually trigger that by going to the registration tab for the extension (dom_ext3.htm) and there click on the re-provision or the reboot button for the registration.

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thank you for your indication.
About page (reg_pnpparm.htm) and the field "Snom General" What happens if these parameters are already present in the general parameters.

I'll give you an example. 
I really don't like the call transfer method used in the vodia template. I prefer a more traditional method with simultaneous blind + attended transfer. 
This should also be the method most appreciated by users (judging by the requests).

Using these parameters it is possible to obtain a completely automated transfer that allows you to transfer the call in blind mode (transferring and hanging up) or to transfer the call in attended mode, talk to the colleague and then complete the transfer by hanging up. There is no simpler way than this.

To do this, just modify these parameters in all Snom:

<disable_blind_transfer perm = "RW"> on </disable_blind_transfer>

<transfer_on_hangup perm = "RW"> on </transfer_on_hangup>

<transfer_on_hangup_non_pots perm = "RW"> on </transfer_on_hangup_non_pots>

Some of these parameters are already present in the template of course.
By placing them on the page (do m_ext3.htm) in the "Snom general" field does this result in an override of any parameters present in the template?

At the moment I have directly modified the template of the single phone but, since parameters are generalized for all snom models, it would be preferable to do it according to your advice. The doubt arises from the fact of not creating conflicts.

Finally, I would like to ask you for clarification on the placement of template.xml files within the vodia folder structure.
I am not referring to the files generated by the parser but to the original files.
Where are the various .xml files related to the various templates placed?
I couldn't find them in the folders. Are they present in the system database or cannot be modified?

I am used to working intensively with other systems on the modification and customization of the templates. I've been dealing with it for many years and I'm very familiar with all the major brands.
I was therefore wondering if it was possible to duplicate some templates and customize them or even insert the templates for the missing phones or adjust those that present problems or are not fully functional.

I thank you in advance.

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If parameters occur twice in the config file they should be overwritten. For snom phones the last appearance is the one that "wins" for Yealink the first appearance wins. 

What is nice about those parameters is that the next upgrade of the template will not break anything. The problem is if the parameter contains a "syntax error" (e.g. forgotten / in XML) well then your whole template breaks. With power comes danger.

Parameters are also available on domain level. There is actually nothing speaking against making them available on extension level, something we probably have to look into in one of the next versions. 

The templates are declared in the various pnp_xxx.xml files. For example the snom parameters are declared in the pnp_snom.xml file. You can if you want declare more variables there and use them in your changed template. However when you change the template you will miss the updates on those templates in the next version, kind of defeating the purpose of having templates in the first place. IMHO It is a much better solution to use the general parameter. If there are useful parameters for a vendors, better let us know what makes sense and we'll add that to the next version.

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