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Full Backup (admin + domains)


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I need to know a couple of information about the backup and the possible restore in a failure case.

I'am on vodia v63 on debian 9.9.

I know the method to backup individual domains, export them and restore them

My doubt arises in the event of a general hardware failure. How can I save the full pbx configuration and then be able to restore (manually too if the case)?

By "full" I mean the entire administrator part including the various domains or the single instance (in the case of a single PBX domain).

In the linux environment the position of the PBX is in / usr / local / pbx. This is clear.

In the Windows environment it is even simpler and the structure is the same.

Is it enough to copy the whole "pbx" folder, perform a new installation and overwrite the entire contents? I have not found other solutions.

The available documentation only refers to backup of the single domain. But in the event of a total failure it is necessary to perform an integral restore quickly without the need to reconfigure the administrator part.

I hope there is a solution for a total backup as it now happens for many other competing pbx solutions that allow you to restore an entire pbx in minutes.

Thanks in advance

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Yes it is actually very simple. Everything is in the working directory of the PBX, with a few exception and notes:

  • If you set absolute paths, e.g. for the recording directory they are obviously not necessarily in that working directory.
  • The configuration file for the fail over itself is usually not in the working directory. 
  • Even the executable is part of the working directory. That means if you do a snapshot, it contains the exact version that was running at the time.
  • The file contents are independent from the operating system. You can move a installation from Windows to Linux if you want. Exceptions are the executable itself.

For backup that means, you can use e.g. Dropbox or the Windows backup mechanism to automatically make backup off the physical server. Those backups may even be historically, which means if you screw something up you can go back in time and restore a certain state at a given time.

The good old file system can be very powerful!

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Thanks for the clarification..
if I understood the executable file well, it is "pbxctrl.exe" for windows or "pbxctrl" for other OS.
This is therefore the only file that differentiates the installations on the different OS.
The "pbxctrl.dat" file is always the same for all installations.

Can I ask you what it contains? I imagine the configuration or version of the new system.

In case of backup and subsequent restore how should this second file be treated?
Suppose we have a backup of the v62 version. Reinstalling Vodia with v63 (for example) which files should be replaced?

I ask you to understand what to do in case of manual recovery with the basic installation of a possible subsequent system. I would like to avoid making trouble.

Based on your answer I will do tests to verify correct operation.

A question comes to my mind. Since the purpose of any system is to make the operations as simple as possible, why not provide a button in the administration section that compresses the entire system folder and allows it to be downloaded?
Another step coul be (as other systems do) an automatic backup procedure to a google drive writing the .zip file (or .tar). I think's not so difficult to implement using google API.
This would obviously make things easier in the event of a fail.
The new function may have the option to include the executable file (which is what distinguishes installations between operating systems) or not.
This would make it very easy to move a single installation and complete system restore.
Obviously the relative import function should also be included in the administrator panel.
In the event of a crash it would be sufficient to reinstall vodia, enter the admin panel and restore the file.

I think it would really be a big step forward.

Thank You.

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The pbxctrl.dat contains the templates for the web server, emails, image and configuration files like the ringback.xml. Essentially this is everything not generated by the compiler. We started compressing it some versions ago because the Vodia IO does not have too much hard drive space. It should be the same version like the pbx executable; just treat it like a DLL. 

We had that button for downloading everything in older versions - however it turned out to be a support problem because systems grow and when you download a Gigabyte, it crashes the browser and it also crashed the PBX web server. Especially restoring backups was a major problem. That is where file system is a lot easier and faster.

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