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Grandstream Web Password not working after provisioning


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When I set up my GXP2140 phones, I am using MAC based provisioning on Vodia PBX and the phones provision fine.

However, after they get their configuration, when I try to go into the web page of the phone to try and review settings, the account password is incorrect.

I set the phone up with the default  admin/admin info.  Needed to change the password, which I did.  logged out and back in to confirm password worked.  It did, so I set to provision the phone using Mac based improvising.  Phone provisioned and then I cannot get back into the web front end to the phone with either old or new password.

I was hoping someone would know if there is a location to set the web front end password for the phone either on the PBX or through some setting I am missing.

Thank you.

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If you've provisioned the phone via the PBX (which you mentioned that you did), the credentials must be first set under the domain settings in "Provisioning parameter" setting.

The authentication password that you set here (before you start provisioning any of the phones) is the one with which you'll login with everytime.


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