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PBX Service stops for no reason


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Hi Guys,

Recently I have come across an issue with the pbx service stops and the only way to get it back up is issuing a "pbx service stop" then a "pbx service start" command. It seems to happen after a change has been made to the system. Most recently it occurred when moving phones via MAC id's.

It has happened 3 times now and usually in the middle of the day

ippbx version 63.0.5

Linux version - Ubuntu 18.04.3

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance



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Of course if it happens when a specific action is taking place that helps a lot with identifying the problem. Also the question is what exactly happens - for example does it just stop accepting new connections (which would hint at problems with the number of sockets), does it go berserk with the CPU, or does it just silently drop out. Are you using the RPS service?

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Yes we are using the RPS server - The pbx crashed last night when I pressed the download domain button to copy a domain. So it isn't consistent, it is intermittent and has only happened a few times. So far as I can tell, it silently drops out and I lose the admin website and all phones lose registration. It won't start with just a "service pbx start" - I need to perform a "service pbx stop" first.

I can only connect via SSH and will check with "top" when it happens again (although I don't want it to happen again during business hours)

I also didn't have these problems before 63.05, i am not sure if that is co-incidence??

Should I downgrade to a previous version as a preventative measure??

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I would not random down or upgrades without knowing what is causing the issue. Downloading a domain should be pretty safe - except when there are so many records that you might run out of memory. Maybe you'll see the pattern and then once it is reproducible we can say what the problem is/was.

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