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No logout possible when Google login is in use


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I've successfully configure the Google login. Google seems to have changed the configuration setting, making the instructions in the doc incomplete. After creating the OAuth project as described in the docs, you have to go into the console and add the PBX URI to the "Authorized JavaScript-Sources setting.

But the real problem is that the logout no longer works. This means that you can not switch accounts (e.g. go from an extension to the admin account). The problem is most likely that the logout button is not performing a Google OAuth logout.

Is there a way to modify the user portal page to make logout perform a Google logout as well?



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On 5/12/2020 at 8:13 PM, Support said:

Are you referring to the App logging in via Google sign in? 

If yes, what version of the PBX and app are you? And what OS app is it?

The "normal" Web Client / Extension login at https://<pbx>/usr_portal.htm.

PBX is 65.0.5 (Debian64)

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We saw the video, thanks for that.

We tried the same scenario on 65.0.6 (unfortunately we upgraded before we saw this thread and can't go back as it's an overwritten test build) and it worked just fine. We can send a video too, to demonstrate it from our end.

Did you edit any of the customized template which deals with front end? Maybe welcome.htm file on the PBX? or your browser might be facing issues? Please clear the cache and try again from the incognito window (we see that you were on incognito in ).

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I didn't change any of the front end templates. 65.0.7 still shows the same problem.

The "Signin with Google" button is shown very briefly and then turns to "Signed In..." and redirects to the user page. Logout throws me back into that loop.

I did the video in incognito because that is the only way not to be logged in automatically.

Could that be related to the fact that chrome itself is also signed in to the Google account?

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