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No audio on one side

Guest Helmi

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I have a problem with the Android app where on certain call one of the user unable to hear the audio from the phone. On the other side the user are able to talk and hear the other caller voice. Sometime putting the call on a  loud speaker will resulting in no audio come out from speaker but when return to the ear speaker it works as per normal. Need help on this. Thank you




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Can you please make sure none of the volume is set to zero, especially media volume both when in a call or not. When you increase or decrease the volume you can click on the drop down of the volume and see if any of the 5 or 6 types of volumes is set to zero.

This happens when some devices it selects the wrong volume type sometimes in a call. It does not happen in pixel (I am assuming its not a pixel phone)? But some others have deviated from native Android and created many volume types but sometimes fail to select correctly.

Let us know if that solves the issue.

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