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custom LDAP paramters for Yealink get overwritten by default Vodia settings


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Hi, I tried to change template paramters for yealink phones on domain level via Advanced > Paramer > Yealink > Yealink General. This does not work for all settings. For some it works, but especially the LDAP related settings are not applied correctly:

ldap.tls_mode = 2
ldap.port = 2346

I guess the LDAP default settings from Vodia are applied at a later stage and therefore these settings get overwritten by the default ones.



parameters that also do not work

local_time.date_format = 5

parameters that do work

phone_setting.backlight_time = 60
phone_setting.inactive_backlight_level = 1

Why is this? Is it possible to prioritize all custom parameters over the default ones?

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Yea. I do not want to touch templates, that is why I used the parameters "Advanced > Parameter > Yealink > Yealink General". I thought the settings in "Advanced > Parameter > Yealink > Yealink General" are of higher priority. But as I learned it is not. At least it may vary from parameter to parameter.

So if this does not work and gets overwritten, your suggestion is to use the templates anyway?

At least I want to prevent that Vodia resets manually changed settings with the next cycle of pushing configs to the phones. Otherwise I make manually changes to the phones to bypass Vodia defaults and after a day or so, they are gone due to Vodia regularly pushing standard configs out to the phones.

The best way of cause would be one central place in Vodia where I can reliably overwrite default phone parameter settings.

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