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more changes on easybell trunk template needed


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as a follow up of this post, I think we need additional adjustments on Vodia side to the ones you already made in version 66.0.7, regarding the easybell trunk template:

The inbound calls work perfectly and the numbers in Version 66.0.7 get presented in the correct way, but after your changes on the template, we lost the ability for clip-no-screening; that is using custom ANI set on the extensions.



1. In which field do you transmit the ANI?

These are the settings I can choose form in the easybell trunk interface on easybell side; with the old Vodia trunk template "From-Display" was working fine.



2. Vodia easybell template settings

Before the changes in Version 66.0.7 the following settings worked and enabled clip no screening; but no this does not work anymore:


That is: 

  • "{ext-ani}" <sip:{trunk-account}@sip.easybell.de>
  • and "{ext-ani}" <sip:{trunk-account}@secure.sip.easybell.de> for TLS

If you need to hard code this to the template, please make both versions TLS and non TLS available (see different FQDNs)

Thank you.


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  • fred.bloggs changed the title to more changes on easybell trunk template needed

Thats a common problem with many providers, I would not consider this to be specific to the easybell trunk. Because most providers charge CLIP no screening for extra $$$ or €€€ its off by default. There is no need to change the trunk headers.

I would not change the header, instead the "Regular ANI rule". By default it is "acd-ani ext-ani trunk-prefix dom-ani trunk-ani from". If you change it to "trunk:from acd-ani ext-ani trunk-prefix dom-ani trunk-ani from" it should take the caller-ID from the inbound call if the call came in from a trunk. 

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👍 Ok, thank you. I got it working with the following settings


1. setting the trunk "regular ANI rule":


2. changing the easybell settings in the easybell web portal:




So as you suggested, I did not manipulate the from headers in the Vodia trunk settings:image.thumb.png.ae18066ba3c3199f9dc3579000d5e051.png


Important: for all that want to follow along, you need at least Vodia Version 66.0.7, buid date later than 5.2.2021


Request: Form my  point of view the Vodia easybell template needs the following minor updates in addition to the changes you already put in for version 66.0.7:

  1. add the "regualr ANI rule" as descibed above as default settings
  2. set the "rewrite global numbers" to E.164 as default settings
  3.  add a comment somewhere, that on easybell web management portal the clip-no-screening options need to be changed to p-asserted-identity.

That for sure would help others to get it working.



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