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Version 67.0

Vodia PBX

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67 is mostly an evolution of version 66. With the increasing need to work from home, we made a few tweaks here and there to make that not only possible, but also more productive. One example is the ability to set the working hours not only on extension level, but also on domain level. This increases the user acceptance significantly. We have also added the possibility to use a second factor for the users to log in. Emails are a simple way for this, but where SMS is available, the PBX can now also send a message to the user's cell phone with the login code. Even if the user used a trivial password, this will significantly increase the security of the account.

SMS is another area of activity. We have added more SMS providers, including a simple "GET" provider that can send SMS out. With additional scrutiny on the big chat providers for their privacy practices, SMS and especially MMS are seeing a revival, especially in the business world. Old school telecom providers don’t sell their users data. 

Another highlight is the ability to upload ringtones easily through the web interface, also on domain level. Even though this sounds like a small change, it does make a big difference for many partners that use the ring melody for tailoring their customers' experience. We have also made it possible to upload customers logos in PNG format; SVG looks better but many clients simply don’t have it. This again will help give businesses a better experience.

We had also updated the apps in the app stores in between the release cycles. On the Microsoft store, we were able to list the Vodia app both on the Windows Store and in the Microsoft Store for Business. This is very useful for companies that want to control what apps users may install on their PC.

If you are upgrading from version 66 this should be a smooth upgrade. Nevertheless, an upgrade is as always a great opportunity to make a backup of the working directory. Builds are available for CentOS64, Debian64, MIPS (Vodia IO), ARM( Vodia IOP), Windows64 and MacOS (Intel). 

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