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Generate SSL certificate

Guest Helmi

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Guest Helmi


I am getting  an error while trying to get the SSL certificate. The error is as per below:

[5] 16:13:31.005 SIP 202.129.164.xxx:40033: Alert Fatal (2): Bad certificate (42)ⓘ
[3] 16:14:18.929 Last message repeated 7 timesⓘ
[8] 16:14:18.929 Creating vrxxx.verivaxxxxxxx.comⓘ
[6] 16:14:18.929 Using IP address for creating DNS A record for vrxxx.verivaxxxxxxx.comⓘ
[8] 16:14:18.929 Create new accountⓘ
[3] 16:14:28.930 Could not retrieve directory from directory https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directoryⓘ
[8] 16:14:28.930 New order vrxxx.verivaxxxxxxx.comⓘ
[8] 16:14:28.930 Done creating vrxxx.verivaxxxxxxx.comⓘ
[5] 16:18:58.140 SIP 202.129.164.xxx:40065: Alert Fatal (2): Bad certificate (42)ⓘ
[5] 16:23:45.277 SIP 202.129.164.xxx:40129: Alert Fatal (2): Bad certificate (42)ⓘ
[4] 16:26:09.376 SIP client waited for 300 sec!ⓘ
[5] 16:27:04.705 No common cipher suite in client helloⓘ
[5] 16:29:07.413 SIP 202.129.164.xxx:40161: Alert Fatal (2): Bad certificate (42)ⓘ
[5] 16:34:35.542 SIP 202.129.164.xxx:40193: Alert Fatal (2): Bad certificate (42)ⓘ
[5] 16:40:04.669 SIP 202.129.164.xxx:40225: Alert Fatal (2): Bad certificate (42)ⓘ
[5] 16:44:56.803 SIP 202.129.164.xxx:40289: Alert Fatal (2): Bad certificate (42)ⓘ

I did set the ACME Directory URL to: Lets' encrypt.

Anyone could help with my problem here?


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